PoE Grattus Signet: Attacks inflict Unnerve, Spells inflict Intimidate

Grattus Signet Diamond Ring

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Grattus Signet

Grattus Signet is a unique Diamond Ring. Category: Ring.

Requires Level 20.

  • (20–30)% increased Global Critical Strike Chance
  • (5–10)% increased Attack Speed
  • (5–10)% increased Cast Speed
  • +(40–60) to maximum Energy Shield
  • +(30–50) to maximum Life
  • Attacks inflict Unnerve on Critical Strike for 4 seconds
  • Spells inflict Intimidate on Critical Strike for 4 seconds
  • (Unnerved enemies take 10% increased Spell Damage)
  • (Intimidated enemies take 10% increased Attack Damage)

The first Grattus patriarch had only one tell. When he slowly turned his ring, all cowered before him.

How to get it?

  • Obtained by burying Grattus family corpses in the Necropolis.

Grattus family corpses:

  • Haunted by Asinia Grattus
  • Haunted by Legius Grattus
  • Haunted by Tyche Grattus
  • Haunted by Draven Grattus

PoE Grattus Signet Build Guide 3.24

The Grattus Signet in Path of Exile is a powerful Diamond Ring that offers a compelling combination of offensive and defensive benefits, making it a great choice for many character builds. Here’s a breakdown of its stats and effects:

Offensive Boosts:

  • Increased Critical Strike Chance: This is a significant boost to your critical strike potential, making you more likely to land critical hits which deal more damage.
  • Increased Attack Speed and Cast Speed: This improves your overall attack and casting rate, allowing you to deal damage or cast spells more frequently.

Defensive Enhancements:

  • Increased Maximum Energy Shield and Life: This ring provides a solid boost to both your Energy Shield (for caster builds) and Life (for attack builds) pool, enhancing your survivability.

Debuff Application on Criticals:

  • Attacks inflict Unnerve: When you land a critical hit with an attack, enemies are inflicted with Unnerve for 4 seconds. This debuff makes them take increased damage from spells cast by you and your allies.
  • Spells inflict Intimidate: When you land a critical hit with a spell, enemies are inflicted with Intimidate for 4 seconds. This debuff makes them take increased attack damage from you and your allies.


The Grattus Signet is a versatile ring that caters to both offensive and defensive needs. It’s particularly well-suited for crit-focused builds that rely on frequent critical hits to maximize their damage output and debuff application. Here are some additional points to consider:

  • The specific benefits (attack speed vs cast speed, Energy Shield vs Life) will depend on your character build.
  • The Unnerve and Intimidate debuffs can significantly enhance your overall damage potential, especially in a party setting.
  • The increased survivability from the life and Energy Shield bonuses allows you to stay in the fight longer.

Overall, the Grattus Signet is a valuable ring for many Path of Exile characters, offering a well-rounded package of offensive and defensive enhancements.

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PoE Grattus Signet

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