The Way Home – Final Fantasy XIV

FFXIV Quest The Way Home is a level 80 main scenario quest. Krile can see the steely resolve in your eyes, and suspects she knows where duty calls you. Category: Main Scenario (Shadowbringers) ⇒ Post-Shadowbringers Main Scenario Quests ⇒ The Voyage Home.

  • Quest giver: Krile
  • Location: The Lochs (X:36.2, Y:31.7)
  • Requirements Class/Job: Any Disciple of War or Magic (excluding limited jobs) Lv. 80
The Way Home


  1. Speak with the Crystal Exarch in the Ocular.

FFXIV Online Quest The Way Home [Patch 5.2]

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NPC Locations

NPCs Involved: Krile, Crystal Exarch, Alphinaud, Y’shtola, Urianger, Beq Lugg, Lyna.

Name Area
Crystal Exarch The Ocular
(X:6.1 Y:6.0)


Rewards Optional rewards
  • Experience: FFXIV Experience 0
  • Gil: FFXIV Gil 1,694
  • 2 x Rare Roast Beef
  • 2 x Creamy Salmon Pasta
  • 2 x King Salmon Meuniere
  • 2 x Nightworld Silver Piece

Quest Progression

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Prerequisite Quest Main Scenario (Shadowbringers) > Post-Shadowbringers Main Scenario Quests: Old Enemies, New Threats The Rising Stones 80
Follow-up Quest Main Scenario (Shadowbringers) > Post-Shadowbringers Main Scenario Quests: Seeking Counsel The Ocular 80


Hydaelyn ► Aldenard ► Gyr Abania ► The Lochs ► The Ala Mhigan Quarter

I take it you're ready to return to the First?

Then I would ask that you apprise the others of recent events here in the Source. Namely, Zenos's return and the development of a new Ultima Weapon. As for their bodies, you may assure them Master Matoya and I will continue doing what we can to keep their corporeal aether stable.

Safe travels, Forename. I hope to see you, and the other Scions, soon.

The First ► Norvrandt (Landmass) ► Norvrandt ► The Ocular

Crystal Exarch
You've come at a most opportune time, my friend. I've made something of a breakthrough in my research on the soul and a means to return the Scions home. I trust you too have been making good use of your time?

Ill tidings from the Source, you say?

Then I will summon the others that we might all be apprised of the situation.
Crystal Exarch
Now that we're all here--what news from the Source?
A new Ultima Weapon...? We must count ourselves lucky that Gaius has pledged his assistance.
While this is indeed a worrying development, I think the state of the Empire as a whole greater grounds for concern.With the Emperor slain and Zenos returned, it is impossible to predict how matters will unfold in Garlemald. The Ultima Weapon may be but the first of many unpleasant surprises.
The situation beareth closer observation, of that there is no doubt--and doth compound our need to return unto the Source.
Crystal Exarch
Then let us address that issue. Our long search for a means to see you safely home may well be nearing its conclusion.Thanks in large part to Urianger and Beq Lugg's invaluable insight, we have succeeded in fashioning a vessel for the journey.
Beq Lugg
We set out to create a crystalline container retaining the more useful properties of white auracite, but without its regrettable limitations. And after a good deal of trial and error, we made one.

An ark for soul and mind both, that will allow your incorporeal self in its entirety to be ferried between worlds... A "spirit vessel," if you will.

Though the vessel is possessed of the requisite qualities to hold mind and memory, it wanteth yet for a means to receive of them. For that, we must needs imbue it with the Exarch's innate gift.
A gift that lives on only through the blood of the Allagan emperors...which certainly does not flow within auracite, or any other crystal.
Just so, milady. The blood serveth as a conduit of sorts--in its absence, memory cannot pass from mind unto mind, nor from flesh unto crystal.
Crystal Exarch
That being the case, we must either alter the process of inheritance so as to require no such thing, or determine a means by which my blood may permeate the vessel.I am hopeful that hte records found within this tower will yield the knowledge we require to pursue one or the other of these avenues.
Beq Lugg
As well you should be! The Allagans' body of aetherological research is extraordinary. I can scarce believe it the work of ages past.But its underlying principles are not so very different from those of my own field of study. Given time, we will find the answers we seek.
Crystal Exarch
I know that you can ill afford to wait, and it pains me that I must ask you to do so. I can only reaffirm my promise to you that a solution will be found.Whatever it takes, I will see you safely home.
My apologies.
Crystal Exarch
I do hope you haven't come to tell us that mortal peril fast approaches.
No. I had hoped to speak with the Warrior of Darkness.But there is no need to cut short your meeting on my account.I will be waiting outside.
Crystal Exarch
Why not speak in here--she knows I don't mind. Unless she didn't want to...
Perhaps I might accompany you? Though I am woefully ill-qualified to assist in the Exarch's research, I may yet be of some use to Lyna.


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