PoE Exilecon 2023

Held in Auckland, New Zealand from July 29-30, ExileCon 2023 is a celebration of all things Path of Exile. We'll be unveiling full details of Path of Exile 2 and Path of Exile Mobile including announcing their beta start dates. You'll play both games, watch the best Path of Exile racers compete, attend talks given by GGG developers and hang out with other Path of Exile fans! New Zealand is a once-in-a-lifetime place to visit, but if you can't make it, we'll be streaming the event for everyone to watch for free.

PoE ExileCon 2023 Twitch Drops

During the ExileCon, you will be able to earn the Heartseeker Portal and Raven Demon Wings as Twitch Drops by watching online! To be eligible to earn your drops, make sure you’ve linked your Path of Exile account and your Twitch account!

PoE ExileCon 2023 Twitch Drops

How to Participate

Raven Demon Wings

To receive the Raven Demon Wings, you will need to watch any channel streaming ExileCon for at least one hour between Jul 28, 2023 3:00 PM (PDT) and Jul 28, 2023 4:30 PM (PDT).

Heartseeker Portal

To receive the Heartseeker Portal you will need to accumulate four hours watch time on any ExileCon stream over the weekend, ending at Jul 29, 2023 10:00 PM (PDT)

Note: After you’ve accumulated enough watch time to earn your Heartseeker Portal and/or Raven Demon Wings, you must redeem them before the promotional period ends: Twitch Inventory. You will then find them in your microtransaction list in Path of Exile.

If you're planning to stream Path of Exile during our livestream and want to enable Twitch Drops for your viewers, you can do it via your Twitch Creator Dashboard here.

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ExileCon 2023 Schedule and Information for Attendees

ExileCon 2023, the second official Path of Exile convention, is in a week! We have updated the ExileCon web page with the schedule for the event. There are a number of gameplay demonstrations and developer talks, as well as appearances from your favourite Path of Exile content creators and special guests. We'll continue to tweak the schedule over the next week if various presentations or speakers change.

Apply for an NZeTA before travelling!
The first and most important reminder is that New Zealand has a system where you must apply for an "NZeTA" online before arriving in the country. As far as we can see, almost all ExileCon visitors from overseas must apply for one. We recommend doing this as soon as possible. Thankfully, the process does not look difficult. Full details and the application form are on this page.

VIP Dinner
For attendees with a VIP or Ultra VIP pass, the weekend kicks off with a VIP dinner on Friday evening at the Wildfire Churrascaria. It's primarily a meat restaurant but vegetarian options are available. The 250 player VIPs will be joined by 80 Grinding Gear Games staff members, intermingled at the same tables. The dinner starts at 6pm on Friday 28th July, and the restaurant is located at Shed 22, Auckland. We don't have very many sheds over here.

We have a registration area inside Aotea Centre (where the event is taking place), with signage in Aotea Square to direct you.

To pick up your badge you'll need to show the QR code that is visible on your Path of Exile account page on the website. We'll also email you a copy of this code for convenience.

The registration tent is open during these hours:
  • Friday 28th July: 2pm - 8pm
  • Saturday 29th July: 7am - 5pm
  • Sunday 30th July: 9am - 5pm

You must show photo ID that matches the name on your ticket, and because we need to check your age (the event is a Restricted 16 event). You'll also need to carry your ID for the whole event because we will be spot checking that people's badges match their name when they enter the venue. Please contact support@grindinggear.com by Sunday 23rd July if you need to update your ticket details.

When to Arrive on Saturday
The keynote presentation (with the big announcements) starts at 10am, but there's an hour of seating time with a pre-show starting at 9:30am (streamed both to the internet and the main theatre) beforehand. We recommend picking up your badge on Friday and then arriving around 9am to get seated and comfortable before the big show. Your badge will indicate where you are seated for the keynote presentation, including which door you should enter the theatre through.

Cosplay Weapon Policy
All cosplay weapons brought to the venue will be checked to make sure that they are not capable of harming anyone. The policy is available here.

ExileCon After Party
The ExileCon After Party runs from 8pm to 11pm on Sunday 30th July. It's a Restricted 18 event, so you need to bring ID to get in. Your ExileCon badge has a voucher on the back for one free drink, which you can redeem at the Terrace Café. We recommend having dinner before the party, but some light food will be provided during the party.

Discord Server
We have created a Discord Server for ExileCon attendees, which you can join here: https://discord.gg/Mjntq7Ty. This is the best place to ask questions during the event!

Aotea Centre is wheelchair accessible, and a guided tour is available here. The main theatre has a hearing aid loop available, which venue staff can help you access.

First Aid
A first aid room is located on the bottom floor of Aotea Centre, and venue staff are trained in first aid. If you require first aid during ExileCon, please let venue staff know.

We're very excited to meet everyone at ExileCon! See you all in a week!

ExileCon 2023 Merchandise

At ExileCon, attendees will have exclusive first access to a variety of new Path of Exile merchandise. Today we’d like to give you a glimpse of the goodies that are available.

Our new merchandise includes 17 new t-shirts, a selection of hoodies, 24 enamel pins, posters, the incredibly popular Celestial Cat Socks as well as the new Chaos Orb Socks and a range of desk pads.

There will also be a limited supply of ExileCon 2019 Merchandise available.

PoE ExileCon 2023 Merchandise

PoE ExileCon 2023 Merchandise

PoE ExileCon 2023 Merchandise

For now, the only way to purchase this merchandise is to attend ExileCon this weekend. If there is any leftover stock, we will investigate ways to make it available to the wider community.

Please note that we won’t be accepting cash at the ExileCon Merchandise Store, only credit cards, debit cards and New Zealand EFTPOS cards.

ExileCon 2023 - Event Streaming Code of Conduct

For streamers that would like to share the ExileCon experience with viewers that aren't able to make it in person, we've put together a Code of Conduct for live streaming the event. If you plan to be IRL streaming during ExileCon, please adhere to the following guidelines so the event can remain fun and safe for everyone.

  • Please respect people's space. If someone is giving social cues that they don't want to be included in your stream, please respect that and move on. The comfort of ExileCon attendees will always take priority over IRL Streaming.
  • Please do not crash any presentations or interviews. You can watch them with your audience but do not be disruptive in any way to the normal flow of the convention.
  • Please do not talk during any of the developer talks.
  • Please do not film or stream any meet and greets. However, you can film/stream your own meet and greet. If your meet and greet is happening alongside another booked guest, please get their consent before doing this.
  • While streaming or filming, do not enter any bathrooms or other spaces where people would expect privacy.
  • Please don't do anything that belittles or mocks any attendees of the event, including staff.
  • Please do not stream the VIP Dinner, ExileCon After Party or Ultra VIP Dinner.
  • Please be considerate of the length of your camera arm not getting in other people's way in any scenario.
  • You can record your reaction during the main show presentation but please consider the experience of people sitting near you. Specifically, you should not block their view or record them if they do not want to be recorded.

We reserve the right to ask you to end your stream if we feel the Code of Conduct has been breached. If at this point you show further non-compliance, you will be removed from ExileCon.

PoE Exilecon 2023

On the weekend of July 29-30 New Zealand time, we’re going to be hosting ExileCon 2023 in Auckland, New Zealand. We’ll be revealing our latest updates on Path of Exile 2, Path of Exile Mobile and the next Path of Exile 1 expansion. We’ll be streaming the entire event for free.

PoE Exilecon 2023

Our next livestream will take place from the ExileCon 2023 main stage! Held from July 28-29 (PDT) in Auckland, New Zealand, the event will be fully streamed online for you to watch from home. We'll be unveiling masses of information about Path of Exile 2 and Path of Exile Mobile before streaming the entire Path of Exile 3.22 reveal and then every developer talk, panel and event from the convention. The livestream starts at 10am New Zealand time on July 29 (3pm PDT, July 28). Don't miss it!

Location: Aotea Centre Auckland, New Zealand.

What to Expect at ExileCon

  • Path of Exile 2 and Mobile Reveals
  • Beta Date Announcements
  • GGG Developer Presentations
  • Play Path of Exile 2 and Mobile
  • Merchandise Store
  • Meet Other Community Members
  • Exclusive Digital Microtransaction
  • Race Tournament Finals
  • The ExileCon After-party

The event will be streamed online for everyone to watch for free. No digital ticket is required.

Show Times (NZST)

  • Friday July 28th Badge Pickup, VIP Dinner
  • Saturday July 29th Convention All Day
  • Sunday July 30th Convention All Day, Party in the Evening

ExileCon 2023 Ticket

Regular ($230 USD) VIP ($700 USD) Ultra VIP ($2000 USD)
  • Entry to the event on both days
  • Entry to the after-party, including a drink voucher
  • A swag bag with some merchandise and a code for an exclusive event microtransaction
  • Regular access plus:
  • Priority queueing for Path of Exile 2 and Path of Exile Mobile game demos
  • Priority queueing for the merchandise shop
  • VIP seating at the front of auditorium during the keynote presentation
  • VIP dinner with GGG developers before the event. Location will be announced soon.
  • VIP access plus:
  • An exclusive dinner with GGG Founders and a few special guests (highly-limited ticket sales).

How do I get my ticket? We’ll be releasing the first wave of tickets at 2pm PDT on August 25. These will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. You can purchase up to two tickets per Path of Exile account. If you’d like to purchase more, please contact customer support. There will be at least one more (likely smaller) wave of ticket sales later on, which we’ll also announce in advance. Last time, the Ultra VIP and VIP tickets sold out extremely quickly. This time they are more expensive, but may still sell out fast. Be around at the exact time that they go on sale to increase your chances you can get some.

Note that upgrading between ticket types is supported, so there’s no harm in buying a regular ticket to start with. If we add more VIP ones later you may be able to upgrade.

ExileCon is a Restricted 16 event and the party is a Restricted 18 event. You must have photo ID showing your age to enter. You must supply a name for each ticket that matches the photo ID you show when picking the ticket up and entering the venue. Tickets can be picked up while the event is open, or on the Friday beforehand during specific hours.

Path of Exile Race Event In the leadup to ExileCon, we’ll be hosting a series of race events as qualifiers for the grand finale. Players who qualify to compete in the grand finale will be flown to New Zealand to compete live on the main stage during ExileCon. More details to come.

Swag Bags, Merchandise and and Exclusive Microtransaction Each attendee will receive a swag bag upon arrival at the event, including a map of the venue and some other surprises! We’ll have a fresh line of merchandise available at the event that will be offered to attendees first before we make any remaining stock available to the wider community. Your swag bag also includes an exclusive in-game microtransaction that won’t be available anywhere else. You must physically attend the event to receive this microtransaction.

Other things to do in New Zealand New Zealand is renowned for its beautiful outdoors, mountains, beaches and forests. You can visit Hobbiton, the Waitomo Caves, Piha Beach, museums, the Sky Tower and visit other Lord of the Rings set locations. Find out more on the New Zealand tourism website.

Please note that late July is winter in New Zealand. Winters in Auckland are mild but other more-southern parts of New Zealand have popular snow activities, so consider adding a trip to a ski field to your visit!

COVID-19 Precautions New Zealand has historically had strong restrictions in response to COVID-19. While these have eased, they may be reintroduced if a more dangerous variant of COVID-19 begins to circulate. In this event, it may limit the convention from going ahead and/or travellers from entering the country.

While we will refund your event tickets in this scenario, the majority of your costs may be international flights and accommodation, which we cannot reimburse you for. It’s important to be aware of these risks when planning your travel. Discuss the refundability rules with your hotel, airline and travel insurance provider.

Closer to the time of the convention, we will announce the event’s COVID-19 safety protocols that align with the pandemic situation at that time. For more information about COVID-19 safety when travelling to New Zealand, check out the NZ government website here.

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