How to link Path of Exile account to Twitch account

1. Log into PoE website

Log into Path of Exile website.

2. Check your Twitch Settings

Click here to check your Twitch Settings.

3. Link your Twitch account

Link your Twitch account to Path of Exile account.

How to link PoE account to Twitch account

Click ‘update permissions’ if you’ve linked your account previously.

4. Twitch Rewards

Your Path of Exile account is currently linked to your Twitch account.

Twitch Drops: Your account is eligible to participate in Twitch Drops.

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5. PoE 3.13 Livestream Twitch Drops

Just simply link your Path of Exile account to Twitch and watch the 3.13.0 Livestream at, or any Path of Exile stream* on Jan 7 starting from 11AM (PST) and until the end of our official Livestream (2PM (PST)). That’s it!

You will get the Magma Wings with 30 minutes of accumulated watch time on any stream streaming Path of Exile during the event. This means that the drop is guaranteed for everyone who has watched any Path of Exile stream for this amount of time. This promotion is available for PC, Xbox One, and PS4 accounts.

PoE Magma Wings

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