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PoE Does Rarity Affect Currency?

No, rarity does not affect currency in Path of Exile. Rarity only affects the rarity of items, while currency, cards, and gems do not have a rarity stat. However, increased item rarity (IIR) does increase the chances of an item being rare, magic, or unique. Magic, rare, and unique monsters have an increased item rarity statistic for drops. Some players enjoy stacking IIR/IIQ on their gear and farm low-tier maps for things they can sell.

In Path of Exile, item rarity does not directly affect the amount of currency you find. Currency items themselves have no rarity level, so increasing your rarity stat won’t make them drop more often.

Here’s a breakdown of how rarity and currency work:

  • Item Rarity: This stat increases the chance of an item becoming a higher rarity, like going from normal to magic or rare. It has no effect on currency.
  • Item Quantity: This stat increases the number of items dropped by enemies. This does affect currency, because it simply gives you more chances for any kind of item to drop, including currency.

So, if you’re looking to farm currency, you’ll want to focus on increasing your item quantity (IIQ) rather than rarity.

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