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There are several ways you can increase your map drops and sustain them in Path of Exile (POE). Here are some methods to consider, from in-game mechanics to external tools:

In-game Strategies:

  • Atlas Passive Tree: Invest points in the Atlas passive tree that benefit map drops and sustain. Look for nodes that increase monster pack size, quantity of items dropped by monsters, and specific map drop bonuses.

  • Map Tiers and Completion: Running higher tier maps naturally increases the chance of higher tier map drops. Aim to complete your Atlas for additional map drop bonuses. Prioritize completing maps you haven’t completed yet, as these offer a higher chance of dropping a new map.

  • Rolling Maps Effectively: Use Alchemy Orbs (alch) to turn white maps into yellow maps, which generally have better drop rates. Consider using additional currency like Vaal Orbs (vaal) or Sextants to further increase monster quantity and quality for even more map drops.

  • Kirac Missions and Vendor: Complete Kirac’s missions to gain access to free maps and discounted map purchases from his vendor.

  • Kirac: Interact with Kirac to refresh her shop after completing her missions. She offers maps for purchase, and some may be valuable for filling out your Atlas.

  • League Mechanics: Certain league mechanics, like Harbingers and Beyond, can increase the number of monsters you encounter, leading to more potential map drops. Explore what mechanics the current league offers and utilize them strategically.

External Tools (Optional):

  • Trading: Utilize the official Path of Exile trade website or consider a third-party tool like Mercury Trade to efficiently buy specific maps you need to fill out your Atlas or farm specific areas.

  • Community Resources: Search online for Path of Exile guides and videos related to map sustain. Resources like Maxroll.gg and the Path of Exile subreddit offer valuable tips and strategies from experienced players.

Remember, a combination of these approaches is often most effective. Prioritize in-game mechanics like Atlas investment and efficient map rolling, and supplement with buying specific maps or utilizing helpful tools when needed.

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