PoE Cassia’s Pride

PoE Cassia’s Pride

Cassia’s Pride is a new Atlas Keystone in PoE 3.22. Trial of the Ancestors introduces 16 new keystone passives to unlock on the Atlas Passive Tree.

  • Blight Monsters in your Maps take 75% less Damage from Players and their Minions
  • Blight Towers and their Minions in your Maps deal 300% more Damage

Flavour Text: She’ll certainly never give you credit now.

PoE Cassia's Pride


Blight is like a tower defense minigame inside Path of Exile. The Cassia’s Pride Keystone makes it so that blight monsters take significantly less damage from players and significantly more damage from Blight Towers. This basically lets you go all in playing like an actual tower defense game.

PoE Cassia's Pride

Cassia's Pride causes Blight monsters in maps to take 75% less damage from players and their minions, but causes Blight Towers to deal 300% more damage. This effect does not work on Blighted maps or Blight-ravaged maps.

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As of version 3.22.0 it is located near the center-left of the Atlas passive skill tree connected to the Blight cluster, containing Sturdy Construction.

Will the new Atlas Passive Tree Keystone Cassia's Pride work with Blighted Maps?

No. Atlas passive don’t apply to blighted maps.

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