PoE Arbitrary Tenets

Arbitrary Tenets

Arbitrary Tenets is a new Atlas Keystone Passive Skill.

  • Favours at Ritual Altars in your Maps randomly cost between 90% less and 80% more

Flavour Text: “They are unforgivable sinners and fools… We pray each Sacrato. They pray each Kaso. They are absolutely mad!”


Arbitrary Tenets causes Favours at Ritual Altars in your maps to randomly cost between 90% less and 80% more. These cost alterations are retained on deferred Rewards.

As an example, something which costed 1000 Tribute before now has a range of 100 to 1800 Tribute with this Atlas keystone allocated. This averages out to 95% (950 in this case) of the Tribute costs, technically a net benefit overall.


As of version 3.22.0, it is located near the center-left of the Atlas passive skill tree inside the Ritual cluster containing Profitable Prayers and Flexible Dogma.

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Rituals are encounters that spawn from Ritual Altars. After activating the Altar, players must defeat the enemies enclosed within the Ritual Circle, gaining Tribute in the process. Players can then spend the earned Tribute to purchase various types of rewards including pre-identified rare items.

Ritual Altars

Ritual Altars can be randomly encountered while playing through the storyline and have an 8% chance to spawn in any end-game map. The amount of Altars that appear in each instance is either three or four (it was 1 to 4 in the Ritual league). It cannot be found within Heists or in Delve.

  1. Players must first slay the monsters guarding the altar in order to activate it.
  2. Then clicking the altar begins the ritual and the Ritual Circle appears on the ground.
  3. Monsters will spawn in multiple waves, each wave harder than the last. After defeating all the monsters within the ritual, the combat phase ends and players can loot the altar.
  4. All altars share a single spawn pool, with nearby monsters being added to the pool when an altar is activated. Monsters that appear in earlier altars will reappear in later altars but give 40% less points.
  5. If a naturally generated unique monster, including the map boss, spawns and dies within the ritual altar’s influence, it will spawn in subsequent rituals. (with less points rewarded each time)
  6. Clicking the altar displays the Ritual Favors interface that allows players to select their rewards. Some rewards are hidden and will be revealed after more rituals on the same map are completed.
  7. Players can then move to other areas of the Map and complete all the altars in order to unlock more rewards.

Small, moving blood pools will appear under killed enemies that count towards the ritual when activated. Luring faraway monsters into the circle will not add to the ritual encounter.


After completing a ritual, players can click the Altar to display the Favours interface that allows players to select their own rewards, in exchange for Tribute points.

  • All items are identified and players can see the exact mods and rolls of the item before selecting the reward. (Veiled mods can only be unveiled after purchase)
  • After a reward is selected and withdrawn, it cannot be returned/refunded.
  • All of the altars in the area are part of the same set, and share the same pool of rewards.
  • Completing a single ritual will only reveal 1/2 or 1/3 of the possible rewards.
  • Completing all the ritual altars in the area/map reveals all possible rewards.
  • Rewards can be rerolled for 2,000 points. This can be repeated 2 additional times if Profitable Prayers is allocated.

Tip: It makes sense to complete all altars before deciding what to spend tribute on. If you do this then you will have maximum knowledge before making your choices – you will know how many points you have and all visible options.

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