PoE 20% Chance To Craft An Additional Item Coffins

In Path of Exile, specifically the Necropolis league, there’s a crafting option that grants a 20% chance to craft an additional Coffin item. Here’s a breakdown of what this means:

  • Necropolis Crafting: The Necropolis league introduced a unique crafting mechanic where players collect "corpses" of defeated monsters with the "Unresolved Anguish" effect. These corpses are then transformed into Filled Coffins which can be used for crafting special items.

  • 20% Chance for Additional Coffin: This specific crafting option applies when using a Filled Coffin in your crafting recipe. There’s a 20% probability that along with the intended crafted item, you’ll also get an additional Coffin as a bonus.

PoE 20% Chance To Craft An Additional Item Coffins

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Here are some additional details to consider:

  • Profitability: While an extra Coffin might seem insignificant, these Coffins can be valuable depending on the league economy. Players use them for further crafting, and if they’re in high demand, the additional Coffin can offset the crafting costs significantly.

  • Alternative Crafting Options: There might be other crafting options available depending on the desired outcome. These alternatives might not offer the chance for an extra Coffin, but they could be more efficient for achieving a specific crafted item.

Overall, the 20% chance for an additional Coffin adds a layer of gamble and potential reward to Necropolis crafting. It’s a decision to weigh based on the current league economy and your crafting goals.

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