PoE 2 You Have Died - Path of Exile 2

Path of Exile 2 You Have Died

XXX has been slain. “Resurrect in Town” or “resurrect at Checkpoint”.

PoE 2 You Have Died

Path of Exile 2 Death

  • Reservations do not deactivate on death.
  • Dying and reviving in the Acts will return you to the start of the zone and respawn monsters.
  • Bosses are typically preceded by checkpoints. Dying to a boss resets it, preventing corpse rushing.
  • Logging out returns you to the save state you logged out from, preventing the use of logout macros to avoid death.
  • Party members that die to a boss will be locked out of the instance, unless they are revived by another party member still in the instance.

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