PoE 2 Wave of Frost - Path of Exile 2

PoE 2 Wave of Frost Wave of Frost is a Skill Gem.

Tags: Attack, AoE, Cold, Melee.

Cost: 11 Mana. Attack Speed: 55% of base. Attack Damage: 55%.

Requires Level 6.

Flip backwards while sending a freezing wave of ice to damage an area in front of you. Requires a Quarterstaff.

  • Converts 80% of Physical Damage to Cold Damage
  • Hits are Freezing
  • Hits Freeze as though dealing 350% more Damage
  • Base radius is 6 metres

Place into a Skill Gem socket to gain this skill. These are found in the Skill Gems panel.

PoE 2 Wave of Frost

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