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Path of Exile 2 Spirit

Spirit: A new resource called Spirit is added in addition to Life and Mana. Spirit is used to reserve skills with persistent effects like buffs and auras, upkeep permanent minions, and enable trigger meta gems. Spirit can be increased through story boss rewards, modifiers, and sceptres.

PoE 2 Spirit

Spirit Reservation

  • Permanent effects reserve spirit now, instead of mana or having standard limits.
  • Spirit is obtained from items and passives.
  • Permanent minions reserve spirit while alive, so are complimented by temporary minions that just cost mana to summon.
  • Many Trigger mechanics are Spirit Reservations now.
  • Buffs and Auras from Spirit can be set per weapon set.


Killing normal rarity monsters no longer grants flask charges.

Defeating optional story Bosses can grant items that grant permanent attributes and Spirit bonuses. These upgrades are character-specific. Larger bosses are more mobile because they can have multiple hitboxes, unlike the limit of 1 in POE1.


  • Sceptres grant base Spirit and roll aura-like modifiers.

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