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Path of Exile 2 Meta Gems

Meta gems: Meta gems are special types of skill gems that and can be supported by both support gems and other skill gems. Meta gems can trigger skills or provide more complex effects. Most trigger meta gems activate the supported gems when you fulfill the condition enough times.

Skill gems & sockets

Items no longer contain sockets. Instead, the gem menu contains 9 slots for skill gems or meta gems.

  • Socket number: Skill gems now drop with a variable amount of sockets, up to 5 (for a 6-linked skill). Skill gems have at minimum 2 sockets, and can be upgraded to 3, 4, or 5 sockets deterministically with three tiers of Jeweller’s Orbs.
  • Socket colour: Socket colours are randomized, by can be deterministically chosen using a Chromatic Orb.
  • Links: Sockets are always linked, which is why Orb of Fusing is not available POE2.

Support gems

Support gems can be socketed into skill and meta gems. Support gems now no longer provide raw more damage modifiers, and instead are purely focused on utility. Support gems now add stat requirements to the skill gem’s base attribute requirements.

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Spirit: A new resource called Spirit is added in addition to Life and Mana. Spirit is used to reserve skills with persistent effects like buffs and auras, upkeep permanent minions, and enable trigger meta gems. Spirit can be increased through story boss rewards, modifiers, and sceptres.

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