Torchlight Infinite Abyssal King's Soul

Abyssal King's Soul

Name Category Description
Abyssal King's Soul Persistent Pactspirit
(Legendary Pactspirit)
  • Inner Ring Effect: +5% Reaping Cooldown Recovery Speed; +12% Damage Over Time; +10% Affliction Effect
    Mid Ring Effect: +10% Reaping Cooldown Recovery Speed; +24% Damage Over Time; +20% Affliction Effect
    Outer Ring Effect: Damage Over Time has a 35% chance to spread to nearby targets; additional +25% Reaping Cooldown Recovery Speed.
    Additional Effect: If you have dealt Reaping damage recently, gain +10% Movement Speed.

This season, we have added three new types of Pactspirits: Drop, Persistent, and Summon; as well as a Legendary Season-Exclusive Pactspirit.

[Pactspirit Boon Event] Scale of Throne

Event Time: From the start of the new season on September 7th at 17:00 PDT until November 30, 2023.

Event Details: In the "Scale of Throne" event, you can choose one of the two Legendary Pactspirits - [Abyssal King's Soul] and [Original Sin Scale] - to increase its acquisition probability.

Special Event: Each time you obtain a specified Pactspirit, you can claim the corresponding Upgrade Emblem x1 for that Pactspirit. The emblems for the two designated Pactspirits can be claimed up to 3 times each.

Torchlight Infinite Flame Elementium

Abyssal King Soul
Persistent Legendary
Changes all Pact Nodes on the Inner Ring, Middle Ring, and Outer Ring
Unlock 2 Pact Nodes in advance

Increases Reaping Cooldown, DoT Damage, and Damage Affliction.

Upgrade Reward

Pact Point +1
Outer Ring gains Bonus Affixes
Pact Point +1
Effects of Bonus Affixes in Outer Ring +100%
Effects of Non-Bonus Affixes in Outer Ring +33%

Level 1

id skill
inner+5% Reaping Cooldown Recovery Speed
inner+5% Reaping Cooldown Recovery Speed
inner+12% DoT Damage
inner+12% DoT Damage
inner+10% Affliction effect
inner+10% Affliction effect
middle+10% Reaping Cooldown Recovery Speed
middle+24% DoT Damage
middle+20% Affliction effect
outer20+15* 1}&4110{P1:15+10* 1% chance for DoT Damage to spread to targets Nearby