Out of House and Home – Final Fantasy XIV

Out of House and Home is a level 9 main scenario quest.

  • Quest giver: Warin
  • Location: Central Thanalan (X:20, Y:18)

Required items

  • Silver Ore Cluster (It is obtained during the quest Out of House and Home)

Silver Ore Cluster

The Silver Ore Cluster is used on the Narrow Fissure in the tunnel in Black Brush.


  1. Talk to Warin and obtain the quest.
  2. Travel to a railroad tunnel at 21-22 in Black Brush and use your Silver Ore Cluster on the Narrow Fissure.
  3. Kill three Silver Coblyns (one level 6 and two level 4).
  4. Return to Warin to complete the quest and collect your reward. 

FFXIV: Main Story – Out of House and Home (Ul’dah)

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  • A swarm of coblyns has taken to attacking ore wagons inside a tunnel south of Black Brush Station. Warin has given you a silver ore cluster, which you must use to lure out the creatures and slay them.
  • You have purged the tunnel of coblyn presence, thus ensuring the security of future shipments. Return to Black Brush Station and inform Warin of your success.
  • Thanks to your martial prowess, the ore will continue to flow and feed Ul’dah’s insatiable hunger for ore.


Rewards Optional rewards
  • Experience: 6,480
  • Gil: 0
  • 1 x Viking Sword
  • 1 x Leather Himantes
  • 1 x Ramhorn Staff
  • 1 x Allagan Bronze Piece

Quest Progression

  • Previous: Prudence at This Junction(level 8)
  • Next: Spriggan Cleaning(level 9)


Warin: Let’s get to it then, shall we?

Warin: Ore wagons pass through this station every day─but not without incident.

Warin: Wagons coming and going from the Dispatch Yard to the south must pass through a tunnel by Fesca’s Watch─a tunnel in which some genius saw fit to put an ore storehouse, creating ideal conditions for a coblyn nest!

Warin: So now the ore-loving beasts have taken up residence in a tunnel we dug, and we’re practically delivering meals to their doorstep!

Warin: But no more. Inside the tunnel in question, you will find a narrow fissure where the coblyns hide. Use this silver ore cluster to lure out the creatures, then slay them.

After you lure the coblyns out, slay them, and return to Warin:

Warin: Well done! It shan’t be easy work to keep the tunnel free of coblyns, but our wagons should be able to go unmolested for a time.

Warin: Disruptions to ore shipments threaten not only the interests of Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern, but of Ul’dah herself. One might liken these train tracks to veins that bear our nation’s lifeblood.

Warin: If only we had more men/[GENDER] like you to lend a hand.

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