NBA 2K22 Team Customization

Team Customization in NBA 2K22 MyTEAM

Now for one of my personal favorite parts of MyTEAM, Team Customization. I, generally, love seeing some of the unique and creative uniforms and courts the community makes as we compete online, but in some ways MyTEAM has never included some of the options we see in the NBA or in MyNBA. 

Getting started with uniforms, you can now pick any of the hundreds of Jersey Cards in MyTEAM to be your home uniform. To make sure games are played with different color uniforms for each team, every lineup now includes both an away and an alternate uniform, whose colors must be non-conflicting. This is just one of the many ways MyTEAM allows for your style to take the court.

Court floors and Arenas are now separate cards in MyTEAM. Mix and match the Nets’ court with your own custom arena, or your custom court in the Warriors’ Chase Center, or… if you really wanted to… put the Celtics parquet in the Staples Center. For the first time in MyTEAM, you will also be able to earn Court Cards for the alternate versions of courts we see teams use during the NBA Season. With all of the historic courts and arenas we have in NBA 2K, you now have full control over where your MyTEAM plays, and the court you play on.

We’ve also changed up how you earn the current jerseys, courts, arenas, and logos. Play with any Player Cards from an NBA team to complete new Lifetime Agendas. Drop threes, slam dunks, and control the boards to earn your favorite NBA team’s current Franchise Cards.

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