NBA 2K22 Pick-Up Challenges

Pick-Up and Skill Challenges in NBA 2K22 MyTEAM

Challenges have quickly become the go-to place for Single Player MyTEAM games. Whether it is our 5-on-5 full lineup games, or Triple Threat Challenges introduced last year, these games provide the most unique lineups to compete against and provide some great prizes to improve your lineup and collection. For 2K22, we’ve replaced Weekly and Moment Challenges with Pick-Up and Skill Challenges.

Let’s start with Pick-Up Challenges. Every day you can compete against a generated lineup based on your current lineup. So, if you enter with a full 90+ OVR team you can expect to meet some tough competition. On the flipside, enter this game with a prospective Limited lineup, and your CPU opponent will match that lineup quality. The reward for winning the game is earnable once a day, so be sure to either start or end your MyTEAM sessions with a Pick-Up Challenge!

Skills Challenges are where the Weekly and Moment Challenges will reside, plus additional Challenges never-before-seen in MyTEAM. With Skill Challenges you will complete feats like hitting Klay’s 9 threes with a single player, or matching the Champion Bucks’ 29 threes as a team in a game. Only with Skill Challenges, getting the win at the end of the game may be optional! Drain that three, slam the last dunk, or even dish that final assist needed, and the Challenge ends immediately. In a late-game situation and don’t think you can complete the requirements? Rematches are now allowed in Skill Challenges, letting you have a quick retry while still in the game. In addition, you can complete Skill Challenges out-of-order, allowing you to pick and choose which Challenge to complete in the group at your own pace. From re-living history to creating your own, Skill Challenges are going to be a brand-new way to experience Single Player MyTEAM!

Finally Spotlight Challenges. To tip-off your MyTEAM Challenge experience for the year, there are 20 Spotlight Challenges featuring our 4 NBA cover athletes for NBA 2K22. Including both 5-on-5 and Triple Threat Challenges, these games will both test and improve your lineup as you complete each challenge. The final reward? One of the 15 Event Cards needed for a Diamond Luka Dončić!

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