MW3 Underpass Parking Lot – Modern Warfare 3


Flat and open, Parking Lot battles are all about who has the better gun skill. If you’re seeking more space to move around, head west into the Warehouse or the Factory directly north of it. Both buildings feature two levels and, though the space is still tight, there are more opportunities to reposition and outmaneuver the enemy.

If you excel in tightknit spaces, head north up through the East Path toward Containers. The narrow path here keeps the fight close until the space opens up by the Underpass. You might also jump up and over the brick wall connecting the Warehouse and Factory, leading right onto the Junkyard Balcony for some great midranged views over the Junkyard, Shanty Town, and Pillars.

Deploy to a run-down industrial sector just outside the city, the highway extending over it in major disrepair. Tromp through the mud, stage an ambush, or test your luck on the rain-slicked rooftops. In this large environment, your options are nearly endless.


Pouring rain has transformed this industrial sector into a mud bath, but that won’t stop our Operators from giving their most in the battle ahead. Wipe the downpour from your eyes and seek out all that Underpass has to offer: plentiful climbing opportunities, unrivaled ambush potential, and balanced mix of fighting across all playstyles.

Get the most out of this complex map by studying all the advantages it offers to the informed Operator. This is your guide to Underpass:


MW3 Underpass Map areas


MW3 Underpass Map hardpoints

domination flags

MW3 Underpass Map domination flags

search & destroy sites

MW3 Underpass Map search & destroy sites

spawn points

MW3 Underpass Map spawn points

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