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Operation: Rogue Arsenal Tips

MW3 Operation: Rogue Arsenal Tips

The Shadow Siege event is something for you to experience for yourself, especially with all the rewards you can earn.

With that in mind, here are some tips for playing this experience and earning all rewards:

1. Move as one. A squad that sticks together — including when eliminating enemies and taking on objectives — wins together. Everyone in a four-person squad will receive rewards if at least one squad member completes objectives and if all squad members complete the match. Move as one unit throughout Shadow Siege to accomplish the mission and earn all its rewards.

2. Remember the reward objectives. If it means putting this blog post on a second screen (e.g., a spare monitor or a phone) or writing down the reward objectives, do so. Along with looking at the in-game objectives that appear under the minimap, remember all six of the objectives tied to rewards. Even if you played this Operation once, keep replaying it to unlock all six rewards; there might not be many opportunities in the future to earn them again (outside of the M13C).

3. The first mile to success. Vehicles are paramount to a quick and successful run of Operation: Rogue Arsenal. It’s quicker to reach the missile silos or Observatory via vehicle – the MRAP and Helicopter, for example — compared to on foot. It’s also possible to drive the Dirt Bikes and ATVs through the bunkers as well. 

4. Commanders are no pushovers. If you play DMZ, you know the tactical prowess it takes to neutralize a Commander head-on. Be creative and ensure you have the right tools for the job — weapons, equipment, and other items — to dispatch these deadly foes.

5. Reap the rewards. All rewards carry over into Modern Warfare III(including what you get in the Battle Token Tier Skip, which will be applied to the Season 05 Battle Pass). Start leveling up that M13C — we recommend it for stealth missions and pairing it with stealth-based Perks and other Loadout Items — and get it maxed out (or even Gold, Platinum, Polyatomic or Orion) before bringing it into a new fight starting on November 10. 

Now… eliminate that threat, Shadows!

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Recap of Everything Leading to Rogue Arsenal

MW3 Operation: Rogue Arsenal Tips

Those who completed the Atomgrad RAID series as well as DMZ, let alone the Campaign, already know everything leading up to Rogue Arsenal. For those that don’t mind spoilers, this is what you need to know:

Following the Campaign, Task Force 141 track down Hadir, Farah’s brother and Al Qatala commander, underneath Urzikstan in a Soviet bunker. Hadir warns Task Force 141 of Konni in his dying breaths, as nearly everyone returns to HQ while Alex regroups with Farah.

As we see in the Season 05 opening cinematic, Farah and Alex are working with Shadow Company and its CEO, Graves. Yes, he’s alive, and the narrative about his whereabouts were so well covered by his cyber commander Oz, that Operators like Alex questioned whether he “perished” Las Almas or somewhere else in Central or South America.

Meanwhile in DMZ, an unidentified military force funded by local philanthropist Milena Romonova invades Vondel. As Laswell partners with Phalanx and Black Mous PMC Groups to discover this military force’s true identity, the Crown Faction ramped up recruitment efforts and offered lucrative payouts for Operators that secured nuclear fuel rods.

As it turned out, the unidentified military group and the Crown were one in the same: They were both Konni.

All of that, including the false flag operation in Vondel that saw its Train Station and Police Station attacked, allowed Konni to move into Al Mazrah.

In DMZ, Shadow Company agents are fighting side-by-side with Operators (unless there is friendly fire) against Konni.

During the past few weeks, DMZ Operators also uncovered key Notes in the Koschei Complex linking Kochei and other threats together as one ultranationalist threat…

And that is not even mentioning Valeria breaking out of her Las Almas prison, invading Al Mazrah Port, and expanding their smuggling operations.

That all leads up to today: the start of Shadow Siege with Operation: Rogue Arsenal.