MW3 HQ Downloads and Updates - Modern Warfare 3

HQ Downloads and Updates

Call of Duty HQ is the front door for Call of Duty across all console and PC platforms. Within Call of Duty HQ, players have control over the footprint of their Call of Duty experience on their platform of choice, and it’s all contained within one unified location.

By navigating to the ‘manage files’ section within Call of Duty HQ on any respective platform, players will see each area of game content from Modern Warfare III, Warzone, and Modern Warfare II listed as separate sections. Modern Warfare III and Modern Warfare II include the modes unique to those titles. For example, Modern Warfare III separately lists the files for Campaign and Multiplayer (which includes Zombies content).

From this menu, players can reduce overall footprint size by uninstalling specific content no longer being actively played. If you finished a particular mode and do not wish to play it again, you can go into ‘manage files’ within Call of Duty HQ settings on your platform to remove those files.

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