MW3 Call of Duty HQ File Size - Modern Warfare 3

Call of Duty HQ File Size

MW3 Call of Duty HQ File Size

In addition to game files for Campaign and Multiplayer (including the Zombies experience) within Modern Warfare III – all of which can be downloaded or removed to adjust your overall storage usage – the overall file size of Call of Duty HQ reflects our commitment for players to bring their inventories and progression with them from Modern Warfare II to Modern Warfare III.

Modern Warfare II fans can Carry Forward player inventory and weapon progression from last year’s title to Modern Warfare III. This inventory requires file downloads during installation, so the weapons, Operators, and other Modern Warfare II content is available within Modern Warfare III. Additionally, select Modern Warfare II maps that Carry Forward to the Modern Warfare III multiplayer rotation will also require storage space.

File sizes may vary based on platform and region – which may include localization files required for a specific region.

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