MW3 Hallway (+ Movie Store, Garage, IED Room, Destroyed Apartment, Roof) – Modern Warfare 3


The Hallway and the other central interior locations remain a hot spot throughout much of each match, whether players are vying for an objective within or using its many outward sights to control the surrounding streets. The bottom floor consists of a Garage and a Movie Store, providing a quick, though risky, route down the center of the map.

Upstairs, the fight gets tighter as Operators battle across a long and narrow Hallway punctuated by small rooms and access to the north-facing Roof power position. Use your Tactical Sprint when crossing the hallway to minimize your exposure to cross fire.

There are no longer busted floorboards in the middle of the Hallway, so you don’t need to worry about attacks from the Movie Store below. Save your focus for enemies appearing down the hall or from within any of the connecting rooms.

Deploy to a midsized urban landscape dominated by the central block. Smaller buildings around the perimeter provide additional vantage points, and the streets throughout give savvy Operators the means to flank and outmaneuver their enemies.


Take to the streets and skirmish around a tight urban center in Skidrow. Battle for control of the central Hallway and flank your opponents through the Back Alley and Tunnel. Operators who can navigate the map’s confined interior spaces and midranged exterior and who use the map’s verticality to get over their opponents will find the most success.

To thrive in this landscape, you need to know its risks and advantages. Here’s what we know about Skidrow:


MW3 Skidrow Map areas


MW3 Skidrow Map hardpoints

domination flags

MW3 Skidrow Map domination flags

search & destroy sites

MW3 Skidrow Map search & destroy sites

spawn points

MW3 Skidrow Map spawn points

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