MW3 Gas Station (+ Water Tower) – Modern Warfare 3


This Gas Station has seen better days, its shelves ransacked and its pumps no longer in service. Some fencing reduces visibility into the area from the east, though its thin surface does little to protect against incoming fire. The area itself is on largely open ground except for the Gas Station, a close-quarters interior where the fastest draw wins.

For more reliable cover, pivot around the nearby shed or Water Tower, using the infrastructure to better control your sightlines and as solid cover in retreat. Outside of these cover pieces, however, be ready to fight in the open. Midranged weapons tend to excel here, as the uneven terrain tends to cut off longer sightlines. The closer you move toward the River, the more those longshots start coming into play.

Deploy to a village where a low-running River divides the main settlement from its more sparsely populated Outback. Group your forces when attempting to make a crossing and watch those corners when weaving through the clutter of buildings.


In Rundown, Operators descend into a village divided by its central River. To the west, a rugged Outback forces fights out into the open; race down to the Hotel to relocate the battle to a more compact arena. The main village lies to the east, a densely built area where all roads lead to the luxurious Mansion.

Navigating the environment requires quick thinking and the ability to pivot on a dime as danger looms around every corner and over the deadly River crossing. Get the advantage over your enemies by studying up on this guide to Rundown:


MW3 Rundown Map areas


MW3 Rundown Map hardpoints

domination flags

MW3 Rundown Map domination flags

search & destroy sites

MW3 Rundown Map search & destroy sites

spawn points

MW3 Rundown Map spawn points

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