MW3 Mansion (+ Hay Storage) – Modern Warfare 3


Though the Mansion’s interior is inaccessible, it remains a powerful defensive position. On the ground, the veranda offers partial concealment via the blue columns and low surrounding wall. When you’re spotted and need some real cover, use the bevy of supplies and vehicles surrounding the building. Of special note is the yellow truck north of the Mansion; climb into its bed for an elevated view of the area.

Take the Mansion’s back stairs to reach the wraparound balcony. This provides an even greater view of your surroundings, though there’s risk in the additional exposure. As with the veranda below, the low wall here doesn’t provide much protection. Your best point of defense up here is the wooden crates positioned on either side.

For a less conspicuous position, set up in Hay Storage just south of the Mansion. Though small, the shed and hay bales here offer the perfect point from which to ambush nearby enemies.

Deploy to a village where a low-running River divides the main settlement from its more sparsely populated Outback. Group your forces when attempting to make a crossing and watch those corners when weaving through the clutter of buildings.


In Rundown, Operators descend into a village divided by its central River. To the west, a rugged Outback forces fights out into the open; race down to the Hotel to relocate the battle to a more compact arena. The main village lies to the east, a densely built area where all roads lead to the luxurious Mansion.

Navigating the environment requires quick thinking and the ability to pivot on a dime as danger looms around every corner and over the deadly River crossing. Get the advantage over your enemies by studying up on this guide to Rundown:


MW3 Rundown Map areas


MW3 Rundown Map hardpoints

domination flags

MW3 Rundown Map domination flags

search & destroy sites

MW3 Rundown Map search & destroy sites

spawn points

MW3 Rundown Map spawn points

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