MW3 Aftermarket Weapons - Modern Warfare 3

Conversion Kit Examples: Three Aftermarket Weapons

To give you a better idea of the kinds of changes Aftermarket Parts bring to a weapon, here are three Conversion Kit examples, beginning with the bullpup LMG conversion mentioned in the video. The examples shown below also come paired with example attachments to give an idea of how you can further customize your weapon’s lethality in the field in conjunction with Aftermarket Parts.

Aftermarket Parts Loadout #1: Pulemyot LMG

Pulemyot LMG - MW3

Unlock Challenge at Max Level: Get 25 Kills while hip firing or using Tac-Stance.

Pulemyot LMG - MW3

Transform this belt-fed machine gun with the Bullpup Conversion Kit, greatly increasing the weapon’s mobility and handling, rate of fire, and recoil off the hip and when in Tac-Stance. What was once a behemoth weapon can now be used to run and gun without giving up the LMG’s deep ammo reserves.

Add some Aftermarket Parts in the form of recoil pads fitted to the Stock for greater accuracy, as well as the Aftermarket Bullpup Barrell for improved bullet velocity and damage range. This provides a solid foundation for aggressive play that can only be further improved through the use of additional attachments.

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Aftermarket Parts Loadout #2: Renetti Handgun with Full-Auto Carbine

Renetti Handgun with Full-Auto Carbine - MW3

Unlock Challenge at Max Level: Get 30 Kills with five attachments equipped.

Renetti Handgun with Full-Auto Carbine - MW3

Through use of 3D-printed parts, you can convert the burst-fire Renetti into a full-auto Handgun reminiscent of an SMG. Gain increased bullet velocity, range, and rate of fire at the cost of some mobility and recoil control. The conversion also supports Tactical Stance, unavailable with the base model, offering greater options in how you approach each fight.

Pair the Conversion Kit with a larger Magazine to minimize reloads and you’ll be firmly in SMG territory. Add a Barrel to further extend your damage range, or focus on hip-firing improvements for fighting at top speed.

Aftermarket Parts Loadout #3: WSP Swarmwith Akimbo Brace Stocks

WSP Swarmwith Akimbo Brace Stocks - MW3

Unlock Challenge at Max Level: Unlock via weekly challenge in the preseason.

WSP Swarmwith Akimbo Brace Stocks - MW3

Add additional support to the weapon’s frame, allowing Operators to place one WSP Swarm in each hand for an aggressive Akimbo stance that sacrifices some damage range and mobility for the advantage of overwhelming your opponents with a rain of fire. With dual weapons, you’ll no longer be able to aim down sights, so get up close and make it count.

Complement the Akimbo Conversion Kit with a Laser that improves hip-fire accuracy; for aggressive stealth play, try equipping a Suppressor with the Hollow Point Ammunition to stagger enemies without giving up your position.