FFXIV Shadowed Pasts Once More FF14

Shadowed Pasts Once More

In-game description: The Radiant scout is keeping a close eye on the sullen-eyed voidsent.

  • Quest giver: Radiant Scout
  • Location: Radz-at-Han (X:7.3, Y:9.0)
  • Quest line: Tales of Newfound Adventure
  • Level: 90
  • Required quest: Gods Revel, Lands Tremble
  • Gil:  1,734
  • Previous quest: Shadowed Pasts
  • Patch: 6.3
  • Links: GT


  • 1 x Somewhere in the World (Ambitions Writhe) Orchestrion Roll

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  • Search for the wayward hecteyes.
  • Speak with the sullen-eyed voidsent.


  • The Radiant scout is keeping a close eye on the sullen-eyed voidsent.
  • You are conversing with the sullen-eyed voidsent at the Hall of the Radiant Host when the being suddenly senses the rest of itself in the city. As before, there are four of them all told, and as before, you are tasked with tracking them down and sending them back to rejoin themselves.
  • You have located all four remaining wayward hecteyes, from whom you learn about the pasts of two mighty voidsent─none other than your erstwhile foes, the archfiends Cagnazzo and Rubicante. With your task thus accomplished, you make your way back to the Hall of the Radiant Host.
  • Having been reunited with all of its selves, the sullen-eyed voidsent is finally whole again. And thanks to its ability to see its kind from a great distance, it seems likely to find employment with the Radiant Host, thus allowing it to fulfill its dream of abiding in the Source. Voidsent were once people in the past, and they may yet have a future. As the creature sets a hopeful gaze upon the road ahead, you cannot help but wonder what lies in store for it.


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