MLB The Show 24 Stubs Farming Guide 2024

Earning stubs in MLB The Show 24 efficiently requires strategic gameplay, market savvy, and making the most of in-game features. Here’s a detailed guide to help you farm stubs effectively:

1. Daily and Weekly Tasks

a. Daily Missions:

  • Complete Daily Missions: These tasks provide a steady source of stubs and can often be completed quickly.
  • Check-In Bonuses: Log in daily to collect check-in bonuses which sometimes include stubs.

b. Weekly Missions:

  • Complete Weekly Missions: These offer larger rewards compared to daily missions and can be a significant source of stubs.

2. Conquest Mode

  • Conquer Maps: Completing conquest maps can yield a significant number of stubs along with packs and player cards.
  • Hidden Rewards: Look out for hidden rewards on the conquest maps that can include stubs.

3. Showdown Mode

  • Participate in Showdowns: Completing Showdowns can provide substantial rewards in the form of stubs, packs, and player cards.
  • Focus on Drafting: Draft wisely to maximize your chances of completing the Showdown challenges successfully.

4. Moments and Programs

a. Moments:

  • Complete Moments: Moments are short, scenario-based challenges that reward you with stubs and player cards upon completion.

b. Programs:

  • Progress Through Programs: Work through various programs, such as player programs, inning programs, and feature programs, to earn stubs and other rewards.

5. Battle Royale and Events

a. Battle Royale:

  • Draft and Compete: Participate in Battle Royale for a chance to win large amounts of stubs. Even if you don’t go 12-0, you can still earn significant rewards.
  • Sell Rewards: The player cards and packs you earn from Battle Royale can be sold on the marketplace for stubs.

b. Events:

  • Participate in Time-Limited Events: These often offer stubs, packs, and player cards as rewards for reaching certain win milestones.

6. Ranked Seasons

  • Climb the Ranks: Play ranked games to earn rewards based on your division. The higher your rank, the better the rewards.
  • Season-End Rewards: These can include a large number of stubs, packs, and exclusive player cards.

7. Marketplace Flipping

a. Buy Low, Sell High:

  • Monitor the Market: Regularly check the marketplace for undervalued players and items. Buy them at a low price and sell them for a profit.
  • Focus on Popular Players: Invest in players who are in demand, as their prices are more likely to fluctuate.

b. Invest in Trends:

  • Player Performance: Keep an eye on real-life player performance as it can impact their in-game value.
  • Roster Updates: Predict roster updates and invest in players who are likely to get upgraded.

8. Collections and Exchanges

  • Complete Collections: Completing collections can provide significant stubs, packs, and player cards.
  • Player Exchanges: Exchange lower-tier players for higher-tier rewards, which can often be sold for more stubs.

9. Packs and Rewards

  • Open Packs: While this can be a gamble, opening packs you earn through gameplay can yield valuable cards.
  • Sell Unwanted Cards: Sell cards you don’t need on the marketplace to accumulate more stubs.

10. Road to the Show (RTTS) and Franchise Mode

a. RTTS:

  • Play Through RTTS: Earn stubs by completing various missions and achieving milestones with your player.

b. Franchise Mode:

  • Manage and Play: Playing through Franchise mode and completing tasks can also earn you stubs.

11. Buy from Sellers

Tips for Efficient Stubs Farming

  • Be Consistent: Regularly participate in different game modes and complete missions and programs to keep a steady flow of stubs.
  • Market Knowledge: Stay informed about the marketplace trends and real-life MLB performance to make smart investments.
  • Maximize Rewards: Always aim to complete challenges, missions, and events that offer the highest rewards for your time investment.

By utilizing these strategies and tips, you can efficiently farm stubs in MLB The Show 24, ensuring you have the resources to build your ultimate team.

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