Sundered Monarch – Lords of the Fallen(LotF)

Today’s weekly Update introduces over 100 significant tweaks and improvements across the board. Alongside this, it also includes the first inventory expansion pass, a full revamp for the Sundered Monarch boss encounter, online functionality for Steam deck, further HDR improvements… and we’re also very pleased to confirm key quest items will no longer be affected by inventory limitations. As requested by some of you, we’ve also added the option to hide damage numbers on the HUD for a more immersive experience.

Sundered Monarch


  • Now the trio in the dark spot waits more diligently for the player to be at the exact arena space before triggering the whole combat.
  • The Sundered Monarch boss encounter has received a full revamp and, as a result, it is more challenging. Achieved without tweaking his HP or damage output, pure behavioral upgrade. It’s tougher.
  • Improved the hitboxes of the following bosses to better support throwable weapons: Dervla, Sundered Monarch, Lightreaper, Cleric, Hushed Saint, Reinhold, and Spurned Progeny.
  • Enhanced the combat camera behavior to prevent looking down when being close to a target.
  • Lightreaper could sometimes get out of bounds in one of the encounters, leading to him just leaving the fight.
  • Adjusted the trigger areas for the Skinstealer boss to prevent the player from hitting him from a distance without his reaction.

Lords of the Fallen Items

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