Redcopse Church Crypt – Lords of the Fallen(LotF)

Red Corpse

  • Optimized performance in Red Corpse Church by reducing cast shadows without reducing visual quality.
  • Changed collision presets for different blocking volumes that allowed projectiles to pass through in Redcopse’s Church catacombs.
  • Redcopse Village has received an additional lighting pass to add extra detail, with no performance impact.
  • Lighting in Redcopse Church Crypt has been fixed to eliminate the visible leaking in one of the tunnels caused by a spotlight. This was resolved by fine-tuning the falloff of the light without any additional cost.
  • Added additional AI blocking volumes at Redcopse to avoid Umbral enemies spawning above dangerous collisions. We want our AIs to be safe, or they might resort to their syndicate against our Level Designers.
  • The chaser could use some floating navmesh at Redcopse Village. Navmesh has been cleaned.
  • Second pass on leashing volumes for Redcopse, Pilgrim’s Perch, Forsaken Fen, Fief of the Chill Curse, Tower of Penance, and Bramis Castle.

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