Letter in Waiting — Lost Ark

Letter in Waiting

Letter in Waiting is a quest found in Lost Ark. Level: 1.

Location Related Quests Start NPC In-game Description
Zone: Illusion Bamboo Island
  • Required quests:
    • End of the Trials
  • Prerequisite for quests:
    • Lovesick Fools
Zinnervale After Shandi’s trial, Zinnervale seems to be waiting for his next trial… or is it something else?
– If the NPC is missing or unavailable for conversation, proceed with the quest until they return.
– If the target NPC of the Rapport quest is missing, please check the current progress of the quest.


  1. Check if there’s a letter for Zinnervale
  2. Interact with object – OBJECT #511808
  3. Return to Zinnervale
  4. – Zinnervale
  5. Catch fish instead of Zinnervale
  6. Interact with object – OBJECT #511809
  7. Focus to catch fish
  8. Interact with object – OBJECT #511810
  9. Focus harder to catch fish
  10. Interact with object – OBJECT #511811
  11. Deliver caught fish to Shandi
  12. – Shandi
  13. Return the fishing tool Zinnervale
  14. Explain about the empty can to Zinnervale
  15. – Zinnervale
  16. Pick up the letter dropped by Zinnervale
  17. Interact with object – OBJECT #511812
  18. Tie the letter to the Messenger Pigeon’s leg
  19. Interact with object – OBJECT #511813


  • 1,599 x Roster XP
  • 150 x Rapport Point: Point earned through completing Rapport Quests. Used exclusively to raise Rapport Ranks.
  • 1,750 x Silver

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