Last Epoch Monolith Rewards

The rewards you receive in Last Epoch’s Monoliths depend on several factors, including:

1. Standard vs. Empowered Monoliths:

  • Standard Monoliths:
    • Offer lower difficulty and lower maximum corruption (50).
    • Reward standard loot drops, including gear, materials, and crafting currencies.
    • Progressing through them unlocks access to Empowered Monoliths.
  • Empowered Monoliths:
    • Significantly higher difficulty and no maximum corruption limit.
    • Offer the potential for rarer and more powerful loot drops, including unique and legendary items.
    • Have a higher chance of dropping exalted items (highest rarity tier).
    • Provide access to the Shade of Orobyss, a powerful superboss that can spawn at 200+ corruption, offering valuable loot upon defeat.

2. Echo Completion:

  • Completing each Echo (individual zone) within a Monolith timeline grants you various rewards:
    • Loot: A mix of items based on the Echo’s difficulty and your character level.
    • Time Stability: A resource used to unlock further Echoes within the Monolith timeline.
    • Echo Completion Rewards: Specific rewards tied to specific Echoes, like unique crafting materials or skill gems.

3. Corruption Level:

  • Higher corruption levels generally lead to better loot drops in Empowered Monoliths, but also present greater difficulty.

4. Character Level:

  • Higher character levels unlock access to higher-tier rewards within the Monoliths.

5. Difficulty Modifiers:

  • Each Echo can have additional difficulty modifiers that can affect the type and quality of rewards upon completion.

Maximizing Monolith Rewards:

  • Progress through Empowered Monoliths as high as your character can handle: This offers the potential for the best loot, but requires a well-equipped and skilled character.
  • Complete all Echoes within a Timeline: This ensures you get all potential rewards, including unique Echo completion bonuses.
  • Target specific Echoes: Some Echoes have higher chances of dropping specific crafting materials or gear types you might need.
  • Optimize your character build: Ensure your build is effective and geared for the chosen Monolith difficulty.

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The rewards you receive in Last Epoch’s Monolith of Fate depend on several factors, including:

1. Echo Completion:

  • Completing Echoes (individual zones) within the Monolith grants various rewards, including:
    • Experience: Levels up your character and unlocks skill points and passive nodes.
    • Currency: Used for crafting, purchasing items, and rerolling Echo modifiers.
    • Gear and Items: You can find equipment drops, including unique, legendary, and exalted items, with better chances at higher corruption levels.
    • Time Stability: Used to unlock additional nodes within the Monolith and progress deeper into the challenge.

2. Echo Modifiers:

  • Each Echo can have unique modifiers that can significantly impact the rewards you receive. For example, a modifier increasing enemy difficulty might also increase the quality of potential item drops.
  • Carefully consider Echo modifiers before entering, as some combinations can offer greater rewards but come with increased challenge.

3. Boss Chests:

  • Defeating bosses within Echoes grants access to special chests containing guaranteed high-quality loot, often including unique or legendary items.
  • The quality of rewards from boss chests generally scales with the difficulty of the Echo.

4. Monolith Level:

  • Reaching higher levels within the Monolith unlocks access to special chests offering even more valuable rewards, such as exalted items and unique crafting materials.

5. Empowered Monoliths:

  • These offer a significantly higher base corruption level (100) compared to regular Monoliths (capped at 50).
  • While generally more challenging, Empowered Monoliths have the potential to yield even better rewards, including the chance to encounter the powerful Shade of Orobyss superboss at 200 corruption and above.

Here are some additional points to remember:

  • The specific rewards you receive are randomized but influenced by the factors mentioned above.
  • As you progress through the Monolith, the difficulty and potential rewards increase simultaneously.
  • Optimizing your character build, understanding echo modifiers, and strategically progressing through the Monolith are crucial for maximizing your rewards.

It’s important to find a balance between difficulty and the potential rewards you can handle comfortably. Experiment with different approaches and adjust your strategy based on your goals and character capabilities to ensure an enjoyable and rewarding Monolith experience in Last Epoch!

The rewards you receive in Last Epoch’s Monolith of Fate depend on several factors, including:

Echo Completion:

  • Completing each Echo (individual zone) within the Monolith grants various rewards, including:
    • Experience: Helps level up your character.
    • Gear: Drops from defeated enemies and chests within the Echo. Rarity and quality increase with difficulty and corruption level.
    • Currency: Used for crafting, purchasing items, and interacting with various in-game systems.
    • Time Stability: Used to unlock further Echoes within the Monolith.

Echo Modifiers:

  • Each Echo can have various random modifiers that significantly impact gameplay and potential rewards. Challenging modifiers often offer greater rewards upon completing the Echo.
  • Example modifiers: Increased enemy damage, decreased player life regeneration, increased experience gain, higher chance of rare item drops.

Corruption Level:

  • Empowered Monoliths: Start at 100 corruption and have no cap. Higher corruption increases difficulty but also increases the potential for better rewards.
  • Standard Monoliths: Have a maximum corruption level of 50. Rewards generally improve as corruption increases up to the cap, but not to the same extent as Empowered Monoliths.

Specific Rewards:

  • Unique and Legendary Items: These powerful items can have valuable stats and modifiers and are more likely to drop in higher difficulty and corruption levels.
  • Echo Form Rewards: These are special rewards based on the specific Echo you completed. They can be unique items, crafting materials, or resources specific to that Echo.

Additional Notes:

  • Completing specific objectives within the Monolith, such as defeating specific bosses, can also grant additional rewards.
  • The Monolith is primarily an endgame activity meant to challenge players with well-developed characters.
  • Experimenting with different Echo modifiers and corruption levels allows you to find a balance between difficulty and the potential for valuable rewards.

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