Blitz Charge - Path of Exile

Blitz Charges are granted from Blitz keystone on the Berserker ascendency.

They have a duration of 5 seconds which refreshes upon gaining a new blitz charge. All Blitz charges fall off after not gaining a charge for 5 seconds.

Icon Name Effects
Blitz Charge Blitz Charge You gain bonuses from your Ascendancy for having Blitz Charges.

2. Blitz Ascendancy passive skill

Blitz is a notable Ascendancy passive skill for the Berserker. Whenever the player deals a critical strike, it grants a Blitz Charge. Each Blitz Charge grants more attack speed, but reduced critical strike chance. The bonus stacks up to 20 times.

Blitz charges last 5 seconds and all charges are removed when the duration expires.

  • Gain a Blitz Charge on Critical Strike
  • 2% more Attack Speed per Blitz Charge
  • 10% reduced Critical Strike Chance per Blitz Charge
  • +20 to Maximum Blitz Charges

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