Blade of The Old Religion — Diablo 2 Resurrected

D2R Blade of The Old Religion

Blade of The Old Religion is a quest in Act 3. Optional quest, but the potentially great reward makes it worth doing.

Given: Given after completing the Golden Bird Quest or by entering the Flayer Jungle.
Triggered By: Completing Quest One, or entering the Flayer Jungle
Location: Side area off the Flayer Jungle
Tips: Find the Pygmy Village in the Flayer Jungle.
Description: Hratli tells you he has placed an enchantment upon the dockside in order to keep the demons at bay. But lately, the enchantment seems to be weakening. If memory serves Hratli correctly, there is a holy Skatsimi blade that could revitalize the enchantment. The blade is called Gidbinn. Find it, and our sanctuary here will remain safe.
Rewards: Rare Ring from Ormus. Ring Ilvl: Normal 21, Nightmare 35, Hell 65. The ring’s Ilvls are preset, it doesn’t matter what your Clvl is when you do this quest or get the reward.

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Quest Walkthrough

Ormus tells you that there is an enchantment placed over the town of Kurast that is keeping the monsters out, but that it’s weakening, and he needs an Ancient Skatsimi Blade to keep the town protected. You must find it for him. (Of course nothing happens if you don’t, the town isn’t overrun by Flayers or anything, it’s just part of the game plot.)

In each of the very large surface jungle areas (Spider Forest, Great Marsh, Flayer Jungle) of Act Three, there are side pathways marked by two stone pillars. These side areas are where you’ll find the entrances to dungeon areas, Waypoints, little villages or spider web areas, etc. In one of these in the Flayer Jungle, you’ll find a little Flayer village, the stairs down to the Flayer Dungeon (needed in Quest Three) and the Gidbinn.

The Gidbinn is a small statue with some skulls and woven wooden branches. It shows up on your overhead map and highlights when you point at it. When you click it, it bursts into flames, and after a few seconds a boss Fetish of some kind, usually with a minion pack but sometimes just a lone Champion, appears. You must kill him and when he dies he’ll drop the Gidbinn, which looks like an ornate dagger. Take it back to Ormus, and he will thank you, and if you click on him again he’ll give you a magical ring with random properties, but with the maximum Ilvl of any prefixes on it set by the difficulty level of the game.


Clear out the area around the Gidbinn before you click it, so you’ll have an easier fight. Keep an eye on the Fetish that appears, it can be a Ratman (only seen in Act One and quite weak compared to the Act Three monsters), Fetish, Flayer, or Soul Killer, but always a melee type, never a shaman or blow pipe. They run very quickly, and its possible to lose sight of him if he runs behind a hut or something and doesn’t return.

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