Instances Of The New Areas – FFXIV Endwalker

Wait Times for Instanced Content

There is a possibility that certain instanced content, such as duties required to progress through quests, may experience congestion. For instanced duties required to progress a quest, we have devised methods to stagger player traffic during main scenario progression, and have also implemented a queue system in case of congestion. Should congestion occur, your number in the queue will be displayed upon attempting to enter the instance. We ask that you patiently remain in the queue as players are admitted into the instance in the order that they joined the queue.

Instances of the New Areas

During the periods immediately after Endwalker’s Early Access and launch, areas added in Endwalker or visited during the Endwalker main scenario will be heavily trafficked. In order to allow more players to enter these areas, we will be implementing several instances of the same area.

Instanced areas will have their area names followed by their instance number at the end, such as Labyrinthos 1, Labyrinthos 2, Labyrinthos 3, and so on. While each of them share the same map, they will be treated as separate areas, and you will be moved to one of these instanced areas when moving to these destinations.

Selecting and Confirming the Instanced Area

You may choose to enter a specific instance of an area either by traveling to your destination through an entrance from a neighbouring area or by interacting with an aetheryte in the area.

When moving to these areas via teleport or Return, an instance will be automatically selected. Players can confirm which instance they are currently in through a log message in the chat or by using the “/instance” text command.

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Restrictions in Instanced Areas

Players in different instances of the same area can communicate with Tell messages as normal. However, there are some restrictions such as being unable to see each other’s character in the overworld.

Entering the Same Instanced Area As Your Party

Party members will generally be moved to the same instanced area when using teleport or Return. However, party members may be split between different instances if the destination instance has reached the player cap. As such, players may not always end up in the same instance, and may need to select their desired instance either by traveling through an entrance from a neighbouring area or by interacting with an aetheryte in their desired area.

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