How To Make Your Items Available For Trading In Path of Exile

Trading in Path of Exile (PoE) is a fantastic way to improve your character’s gear by converting items you don’t need into valuable resources. Here’s a guide to help you set up your stash shop and make your items available for trading.

Acquiring a Premium Stash Tab

Most players find it beneficial to buy at least one premium stash tab. If you haven’t yet, consider waiting for a Stash Tab Sale, which occurs every few weeks, often on the second weekend of a league start. Check the official PoE website or the wiki front page for current news on these sales.

Preparing Your Stash Tab

Using an Empty Tab

For optimal organization, use an empty stash tab for your shop. This allows you to only place items you want to sell in this tab. Naming the tab uniquely can help you quickly find it when you get a trade request.

Setting the Tab to Public

To make your items visible to potential buyers, set your stash tab to public. You can also choose how you want items to be priced:

  1. Each Item Individually Priced: Set a unique price for each item.
  2. Set Negotiable Price on All Items: Use this if you have many similarly priced items but are willing to negotiate.
  3. Set Exact Price on All Items: Ideal if you want all items to be listed at the same price.

Listing Items for Sale

Single Items

To list a single item, place it in the shop tab and right-click on it to set a price. You have a few options:

  • Note: Ignore this field for general notes.
  • Negotiable Price: Set a price and be open to bargaining.
  • Exact Price: Set a fixed price with no room for negotiation.
  • Do Not Index: Keep the item in a public tab but hidden from indexers.

The field on the right is used to set the requested currency, typically Chaos Orbs or Divine Orbs. Once you set the price with the small checkmark, the note field will display the price information under the item.

Stacks of Items

For bulk trading, such as currency, you can use fraction expressions to set the desired price. For example, to sell 20 Harbinger’s Orbs for 120 Chaos Orbs, use the expression 120/20 Chaos Orbs.

If you want to sell more than one full stack, put the desired trade on one item stack and place the rest in the same or another public tab. The trade indexer will find all your public items and add a "stock" number, allowing other players to request more items at the same rate.

Remember the maximum stack sizes of currencies and your limit of 60 slots. This means you can only fit 1200 Chaos Orbs in one trade window. For trades above this volume, split them into several trades or use higher-valued currencies like Divine Orbs to avoid scams and miscalculations.

Setting Up a Shop Post

You can also list items for sale on the official PoE forum’s trade section for free, although it requires manual updating. Here’s how:

  1. Select the Appropriate Forum: Choose the trade forum for your league and select "shops" if distinct from "selling."
  2. Create a New Thread: Give your shop a title and use the post to list your items. Edit your post to delete items once sold.

Listing Single Items

In the post body, open your profile, select the stash tab with the item, and left-click the item to create a link. Add a "~price" tag for fixed prices or a "~b/o" tag for negotiable prices, followed by the quantity and currency, e.g., "~b/o 1 divine."

Listing Stacks of Items

To sell in bulk, the format is similar to using a premium tab. For instance, to sell 20 Harbinger’s Orbs for 120 Chaos Orbs, select the Harbinger’s Orbs from your stash tab and follow it with "~price 120/20 chaos."

By following these steps, you can efficiently set up your stash shop and ensure a smooth trading experience in Path of Exile.

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