PoE Hinekora’s Lock

PoE 3.23: Hinekora's Lock can no longer foresee the result of corrupting an item at the Altar of Corruption.

Hinekora’s Lock

Hinekora's Lock Hinekora’s Lock allows an item to foresee the result of the next Currency item used on it. Modifying the item in any way removes the ability to foresee.

Hinekora's Lock

Hinekora can offer you a lock of her hair. This is a very special currency item. It lets you foresee the result of using another currency item to craft something. This means, for example, you can know whether it's worth exalting your item because you'll know exactly what the outcome is. Hinekora’s Lock will slot into your crafting pipeline with powerful consequences.

How to use it?

Hinekora's Lock is an currency item exclusive to Ancestor league. Using it on an item allows you to foresee the result of the next Currency item you use on that item.

Right click this item then left click an item to apply it.

Using this currency on an item previews the outcome of the next currency applied to it. Using a different currency will not cause that previewed outcome to occur, and remove the effects of Hinekora's Lock.

The previewed state of the item persists when traded.

How to get it?

  • Can be obtained as a reward from Hinekora for completing a tournament in the Trial of the Ancestors. If you win the entire tournament, Hinekora may also offer a lock of her hair, which allows you to foresee the result of an item crafting outcome.

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