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What is a Seasonal Calendar?

The Seasonal Calendar in Governor of Poker 3 (GoP3) is a feature that adds excitement and rewards to your poker experience. Each Seasonal Calendar spans a specific time period and requires players to complete daily missions to claim their Daily Calendar Gift. By consistently completing these missions and claiming your daily rewards, you become eligible for a Bonus Final Reward at the end of the season.

How Does the Seasonal Calendar Work?

  1. Complete Daily Missions: Each day, you will be assigned a mission. Complete this mission to claim your Daily Calendar Gift.

  2. Claim Daily Rewards: Collect your reward each day by completing the mission.

  3. Achieve Bonus Goals: If you claim rewards for a specific number of days (as stated at the start of each calendar), you will unlock a Bonus Final Reward.


  • In the End of the Year Calendar, if you claim rewards for at least 45 days, you will receive an Ultra Spin as a Bonus Final Reward.

Examples of Seasonal Calendar Missions

  • Win 15 Hands: Test your poker skills and win 15 hands.

  • Play 30 Hands: Participate in 30 hands to complete this mission.

  • Win $200,000 Chips: Accumulate a total of $200,000 in chips through your gameplay.

Buying Off Skipped Days

We understand that life can get busy, and you might miss a few days of logging in or starting the Seasonal Calendar late. To ensure you don’t miss out on the Bonus Final Reward, you can buy off your skipped days. This feature is available from version 5.7.0 onwards and allows you to claim as many skipped days as you need to meet the bonus criteria.

Important Notes

  • Tournament Chips: Chips won in tournaments (Spin & Play, Sit & Gos) do not count towards the completion of daily missions.
  • Flexibility: You can purchase skipped days at any point during the Seasonal Calendar to catch up and secure your Bonus Final Reward.


The Seasonal Calendar in Governor of Poker 3 is a fantastic way to keep your poker experience engaging and rewarding. By completing daily missions and staying consistent, you can unlock valuable rewards and the coveted Bonus Final Reward at the end of the season. Don’t worry if you miss a few days—use the buy-off feature to stay on track and make the most of the Seasonal Calendar!

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