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What are Daily Activities?

Daily Activities in Governor of Poker 3 (GoP3) are a series of challenges that players can complete every day to earn rewards. These activities are segmented into different tiers based on your current level in the game. As you level up, you will advance through the Daily Activity Tiers, unlocking more challenging tasks and greater rewards.

Daily Activity Tiers

The Daily Activity Tiers are designed to match your progress in the game. Each Monday at 8 AM UTC/GMT, the tiers are updated. To advance to the next tier, you must reach the required level by the following Monday. Here are the levels needed for each tier:

  • Bronze: Levels 1-14

  • Silver: Levels 15-22

  • Gold: Levels 23-32

  • Diamond: Levels 33-39

  • Ruby: Levels 40-49

  • Emerald: Level 50+

Completing Daily Activities

Daily Activities are fun and engaging challenges that reset every day. By completing these activities, you fill up your daily progress bar and can claim fantastic prizes. Here’s how it works:

  1. Complete Challenges: Engage in the daily tasks presented to you.

  2. Fill the Daily Bar: As you complete challenges, your daily bar fills up.

  3. Claim Rewards: Tap on the chests displayed above the daily bar to claim your prizes.

Weekly Challenges

In addition to daily activities, points earned also contribute to a weekly challenge. Each week, you have the opportunity to claim two extra chests by accumulating points:

  • 300 Points Chest: Earn an extra chest when you reach 300 points.
  • 600 Points Chest: Earn another chest when you reach 600 points.

These weekly challenges reset every Monday, so make sure to claim your rewards before the new week starts.

Important Notes

  • Claim Rewards Promptly: Rewards must be claimed before the next day or week begins, or they will be lost.
  • Tournament Chips: Chips won in tournaments (Spin & Play, Sit & Gos) do not count towards the completion of daily missions.


Governor of Poker 3’s Daily Activities provide a dynamic and rewarding experience, encouraging players to engage in daily and weekly challenges. By progressing through the tiers, completing activities, and claiming rewards, you can enhance your poker journey and enjoy a variety of exciting prizes. Stay active, complete your daily tasks, and climb the ranks for bigger and better rewards!

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