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What is the DEALER BUTTON in Poker?

In Governor of Poker 3 (GoP3), the term "DEALER BUTTON" refers to a marker, often a plastic disk, used to indicate the player who is acting as the dealer for the current hand. The dealer button plays a pivotal role in determining the order of play and the positioning advantages at the poker table. After each hand, the dealer button is passed clockwise to the next player, ensuring that everyone gets an equal opportunity to benefit from the advantageous dealer position.

Role and Importance of the DEALER BUTTON

  1. Identifying the Dealer:

    • The dealer button clearly marks the player who is acting as the dealer for the current hand. This player is responsible for dealing the cards in home games, although in casinos and online poker, the actual dealing is handled by a designated dealer or automated system.
  2. Determining Betting Order:

    • The position of the dealer button establishes the order in which players must act during the betting rounds. The first players to act are those to the left of the dealer, while the dealer acts last, giving them a strategic advantage.
  3. Blinds Placement:

    • The small blind and big blind positions are immediately to the left of the dealer button. These forced bets are essential for initiating action and building the pot in each hand.

How the DEALER BUTTON Affects Strategy

  1. Positional Advantage:

    • The dealer position, marked by the dealer button, is the most advantageous position at the table. Acting last in each betting round allows the player to gather information from opponents’ actions before making their own decision.
  2. Bluffing Opportunities:

    • Players on the dealer button can exploit their positional advantage to bluff more effectively. By observing the actions of all other players, they can choose optimal moments to make aggressive plays.
  3. Flexible Hand Selection:

    • Players on the dealer button can afford to play a wider range of hands. With more information available from previous actions, they can make more informed decisions about which hands to play and how to play them.

Example Scenarios Involving the DEALER BUTTON

  1. Pre-Flop Play:

    • Your Hand: Ace of diamonds and Jack of spades.
    • Action: You are on the dealer button. Players before you have folded or called the big blind.
    • Your Move: You decide to raise, leveraging your positional advantage to potentially steal the blinds and put pressure on the blinds.
  2. Post-Flop Play:

    • Flop: 7 of hearts, 10 of clubs, King of diamonds.
    • Your Hand: King of spades and Queen of spades.
    • Action: You are on the dealer button. Players before you have checked.
    • Your Move: You make a continuation bet, representing a strong hand and taking control of the pot.

Benefits and Risks of Playing from the DEALER BUTTON

  1. Benefits:

    • Positional Advantage: Acting last provides valuable information and strategic leverage.
    • Increased Aggression: The dealer button allows for more aggressive play, increasing the chances of winning pots through bets and raises.
    • Flexibility in Hand Selection: Players on the dealer button can play a wider range of hands, adapting their strategy based on the table dynamics.
  2. Risks:

    • Overplaying Hands: The temptation to play a wide range of hands can lead to overcommitting with weaker holdings.
    • Facing Strong Opponents in the Blinds: The blinds act immediately after the dealer, which can lead to challenging situations if they are experienced and aggressive.
    • Increased Scrutiny: Opponents may pay closer attention to the dealer’s actions, as they are aware of the positional advantage and potential for bluffing.

Example Hands from the DEALER BUTTON

  1. Stealing the Blinds:

    • Hand: Queen of hearts and Jack of hearts.
    • Action: Folded to you on the dealer button.
    • Move: Raise to steal the blinds, taking advantage of your late position and the likelihood that the blinds are holding weaker hands.
  2. Playing a Strong Hand:

    • Hand: Ace of spades and King of diamonds.
    • Action: A player in middle position raises.
    • Move: You re-raise from the dealer button, leveraging your strong hand and positional advantage to put more pressure on your opponents.


In Governor of Poker 3, the dealer button is a crucial element that designates the dealer for each hand and determines the order of play. It rotates clockwise after every hand, ensuring fair distribution of positional advantages among players. The dealer button provides significant strategic benefits, such as acting last in betting rounds, increased bluffing opportunities, and flexible hand selection. Understanding how to leverage the dealer button effectively can enhance your overall poker strategy and improve your chances of success.

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