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What is COUNTERFEIT in Poker?

In Governor of Poker 3 (GoP3), the term "COUNTERFEIT" refers to a situation where a duplicate card on the board diminishes the value of your hand, making it significantly weaker or even worthless. This typically happens when community cards improve the hands of your opponents while leaving your own hand vulnerable or less competitive.


  1. Duplicate Cards:

    • Counterfeiting occurs when the community cards include duplicates that devalue the strength of your hand. For example, if you hold a pair and the board pairs up in a manner that makes your pair less significant, your hand is counterfeited.
  2. Impact on Two Pairs:

    • A common scenario for counterfeiting involves holding two pairs. If the board pairs up with higher ranks, the two pairs you hold might no longer be the best hand.

Example Scenario Involving COUNTERFEITING

  1. Initial Hand:

    • Your Hand: 6 of hearts and 6 of clubs.
    • Flop: Ace of diamonds, Ace of spades, 7 of clubs.
    • Turn: 4 of hearts.
    • Analysis: You currently have two pairs (Aces and 6s), which is a strong hand at this point.
  2. River Card and Counterfeiting:

    • River: 7 of diamonds.
    • Board: Ace of diamonds, Ace of spades, 7 of clubs, 4 of hearts, 7 of diamonds.
    • Analysis: The river card has paired the 7s on the board, counterfeiting your hand. Now, the board shows two pairs (Aces and 7s) with a 4 kicker. Your pair of 6s is no longer relevant, as any opponent with a card higher than a 6 in their hand now has a better kicker and thus a better hand.

Strategic Considerations When Facing COUNTERFEITING

  1. Board Awareness:

    • Always be mindful of how the community cards can affect your hand. Pay close attention to pairs and duplicates on the board that might weaken your position.
  2. Hand Evaluation:

    • Continuously re-evaluate the strength of your hand as new community cards are dealt. A hand that was strong on the flop or turn can quickly become weak or counterfeited with the river card.
  3. Betting Adjustments:

    • Adjust your betting strategy based on the potential for counterfeiting. If the board shows signs of counterfeiting your hand, consider playing more cautiously to avoid losing more chips than necessary.

Example Hands to Illustrate COUNTERFEITING

  1. Counterfeited Two Pairs:

    • Your Hand: 8 of hearts and 8 of spades.
    • Flop: 9 of clubs, Queen of diamonds, 8 of diamonds.
    • Turn: Queen of clubs.
    • River: Queen of hearts.
    • Analysis: Initially, you had a strong hand with a full house (Queens over 8s). However, the river card (another Queen) counterfeits your hand, making the board show three Queens. Now, any player with a higher kicker than an 8 has a better full house or even four of a kind.
  2. Counterfeited Straight:

    • Your Hand: 4 of clubs and 5 of clubs.
    • Flop: 6 of diamonds, 7 of hearts, 8 of clubs.
    • Turn: 9 of spades.
    • River: 6 of clubs.
    • Analysis: Your straight (4-5-6-7-8) was strong until the river. The river card (6 of clubs) pairs the board, counterfeiting your straight. Now, any player with a 9 or higher has a better hand, making your straight vulnerable.

Benefits and Risks of Understanding COUNTERFEITING

  1. Benefits:

    • Enhanced Decision-Making: Recognizing potential counterfeiting scenarios helps you make better decisions regarding betting and folding.
    • Strategic Advantage: Understanding how your hand can be counterfeited allows you to anticipate opponents’ moves and adjust your strategy accordingly.
  2. Risks:

    • Overlooking Counterfeiting: Failing to recognize when your hand is counterfeited can lead to significant losses.
    • Misjudging Hand Strength: Incorrectly assessing the strength of your hand due to counterfeiting can result in poor betting decisions and increased vulnerability to opponent strategies.


In Governor of Poker 3, counterfeiting occurs when duplicate cards on the board devalue your hand, making it weaker or less competitive. This typically affects hands like two pairs or straights. Understanding how counterfeiting works and recognizing potential scenarios is crucial for making informed decisions and adjusting your strategy. By staying aware of the board and continuously evaluating your hand’s strength, you can mitigate the risks associated with counterfeiting and enhance your overall poker play.

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