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What is the CUT-OFF Position in Poker?

In Governor of Poker 3 (GoP3), the term "CUT-OFF" refers to the seat immediately to the right of the dealer button. This position is one of the most strategic and advantageous spots at the poker table, second only to the button. Understanding the significance of the cut-off position can greatly enhance your poker strategy and increase your chances of success.

Importance of the CUT-OFF Position

  1. Late Position Advantage:

    • The cut-off is considered a late position, allowing the player to act after most of the table has already made their decisions. This provides valuable information about opponents’ hands and intentions based on their actions.
  2. Stealing the Blinds:

    • The cut-off is an excellent position for attempting to steal the blinds. With only the button, small blind, and big blind left to act, a well-timed raise from the cut-off can often force folds and win the pot uncontested.
  3. Increased Flexibility:

    • Players in the cut-off can play a wider range of hands due to their positional advantage. They can choose to play more aggressively or cautiously based on the dynamics of the table.

How to Play from the CUT-OFF Position

  1. Hand Selection:

    • From the cut-off, you can afford to play a broader range of hands compared to early positions. This includes high-value hands like big pocket pairs and premium suited connectors, as well as speculative hands like suited gappers.
  2. Aggression:

    • Utilize your positional advantage to play aggressively. Raising from the cut-off can put pressure on the remaining players, especially the blinds, who might be holding weaker hands.
  3. Observation:

    • Pay close attention to the actions of players before you. Use the information gathered from their bets and raises to make informed decisions about your own play.

Example Scenarios Involving the CUT-OFF Position

  1. Pre-Flop Play:

    • Your Hand: Ace of diamonds and Jack of spades.
    • Action: You are in the cut-off position. Players before you have folded or called the big blind.
    • Your Move: You decide to raise, leveraging your late position to potentially steal the blinds and put pressure on the button and the blinds.
  2. Post-Flop Play:

    • Flop: 7 of hearts, 10 of clubs, King of diamonds.
    • Your Hand: King of spades and Queen of spades.
    • Action: You are in the cut-off position, and the players before you have checked.
    • Your Move: You make a continuation bet, representing a strong hand and taking advantage of your positional leverage.

Benefits and Risks of Playing from the CUT-OFF Position

  1. Benefits:

    • Positional Advantage: Acting after most players provides valuable information and strategic leverage.
    • Increased Aggression: The cut-off position allows for more aggressive play, increasing the chances of winning pots through raises and bluffs.
    • Flexibility in Hand Selection: Players in the cut-off can play a wider range of hands, adapting their strategy based on the table dynamics.
  2. Risks:

    • Overplaying Marginal Hands: The temptation to play a wide range of hands can lead to overcommitting with weaker holdings.
    • Facing Strong Opponents on the Button: The player on the button has a positional advantage over the cut-off, which can lead to challenging situations if they are experienced and aggressive.
    • Blind Defense: The blinds may defend more frequently against raises from the cut-off, requiring careful consideration of their tendencies and potential hand strength.

Example Hands from the CUT-OFF Position

  1. Stealing the Blinds:

    • Hand: Queen of hearts and Jack of hearts.
    • Action: Folded to you in the cut-off.
    • Move: Raise to steal the blinds, taking advantage of your late position and the likelihood that the blinds are holding weaker hands.
  2. Playing a Strong Hand:

    • Hand: Ace of spades and King of diamonds.
    • Action: A player in middle position raises.
    • Move: You re-raise from the cut-off, leveraging your strong hand and positional advantage to put more pressure on your opponents.


In Governor of Poker 3, the cut-off position is the seat immediately to the right of the dealer button and is one of the most strategic spots at the table. Playing from the cut-off provides a significant positional advantage, allowing for aggressive play, wider hand selection, and the opportunity to steal the blinds. Understanding the benefits and risks associated with the cut-off position can enhance your overall poker strategy and increase your chances of success.

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