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What is Blackjack Frenzy?

Blackjack Frenzy is an exciting, individual challenge in Governor of Poker 3 designed to test your skills and reward your accomplishments. Unlike multiplayer competitions, Blackjack Frenzy focuses solely on your personal progress and success. Engage in this thrilling challenge at any of our Blackjack tables and start earning rewards based on your performance.

How Does It Work?

Blackjack Frenzy is centered around accumulating chips by winning at Blackjack tables. The more chips you win, the greater the rewards you’ll unlock. The challenge is structured around 20 Chip Milestones. Each milestone represents a specific amount of chips won, and reaching each one earns you progressively better prizes.

Rewards Breakdown

Here’s a detailed look at the rewards you can earn at various Chip Milestones:

  • 1M Chips: 1 Swirl
  • 11M Chips: 2 Swirls + 3 Governor of Poker Tickets
  • 61M Chips: 2 Swirls
  • 461M Chips: 2 Governor of Poker Tickets
  • 1.5B Chips: 1 Governor of Poker Ticket
  • 5.5B Chips: 2 Governor of Poker Tickets + 1 Lucky Chest
  • 13.5B Chips: 2 XL Swirls
  • 26.5B Chips: 1 Supreme King’s Chest + 1 XL Swirl
  • 46.5B Chips: 4 XL Swirls
  • 91.5B Chips: 5 XL Swirls + 1 Hat Spin
  • 166.5B Chips: 8 XL Swirls + 1 Hat Spin

As you progress through these milestones, you’ll find the rewards becoming increasingly valuable, motivating you to keep playing and winning.

Good to Know

If you happen to win a Hat as a reward but already own it, don’t worry. Simply contact support, and they will replace it with another Hat, ensuring you always receive a new and unique prize.

Blackjack Frenzy Missions

To add more excitement, Blackjack Frenzy features various Missions that you can complete for additional rewards. You can find all the Blackjack Frenzy Missions listed under the Missions tab in the Blackjack Frenzy section. These missions offer additional challenges and rewards, enhancing your Blackjack Frenzy experience.

Dive into Blackjack Frenzy now, take on the challenge, and win big with every chip!

Governor of Poker 3 Blackjack Frenzy - GoP3

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