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What is a Mystery Gift?

A Mystery Gift in Governor of Poker 3 is an exciting, surprise gift that you can send to friends, teammates, or even a player at your table. Each Mystery Gift includes a random item along with a private message from you, making it a delightful and unexpected treat for the recipient. The specific item contained within the gift remains a mystery until it is opened by the recipient.

How Can I Send a Mystery Gift?

Sending a Mystery Gift is a straightforward process:

  1. Navigate to the Player’s Profile: Visit the profile of the player to whom you wish to send a Mystery Gift.
  2. Click the Mystery Gift Button: This button is located at the bottom left of their profile page.
  3. Confirm the Recipient: A full-screen pop-up will appear, displaying the avatar and name of the recipient. Confirm this by pressing "Send Gift."
  4. Write a Private Message: Another pop-up will allow you to compose a personal message to accompany the gift. Once you’re satisfied with your message, proceed to purchase and send the Mystery Gift.

After the recipient opens their Mystery Gift, you will receive a notification informing you that your gift has been opened.

How Do I Know if I’ve Received a Mystery Gift?

If someone has sent you a Mystery Gift, you will be notified via the notification menu. Clicking on this notification will open a pop-up displaying the avatar and name of the sender, along with their personal message.

To see your surprise gift, click "Open Now." You will then have the option to send a Mystery Gift back to the sender if you wish to reciprocate the gesture.

What Items Are in the Mystery Gift?

The contents of a Mystery Gift are varied and meant to be a delightful surprise. Here is a list of possible items you could receive:

  • Event Spin Tokens: These include tokens from various events such as End of the Year Spin Token, Gangster Spin Token, and Carnival Spin Token.
  • Tickets: You might receive Gold, Diamond, Ruby, or Sapphire tickets.
  • Keys: Possible keys include the Statue Entry Key, Balloon Entry Key, and Diamond Entry Key.
  • Chips: Amounts can vary, including 5 Million, 7.5 Million, or 10 Million chips.
  • Hats: Fun hats such as Dia de Muertos, Pro Poker Bear, Ruby Dragon, and Jester Hat.
  • Paid Spins: Options include Mega Spin, Ultra Spin, Hyper Spin, Multi Spin, and Multi XL Spin.

Mystery Gift Odds

The likelihood of receiving specific items in a Mystery Gift is as follows:

  • Event Spin Tokens: 27.01%
  • Tickets: 21.12%
  • Keys: 20.69%
  • Chips: 11.81%
  • Piggy Token: 3.42%
  • Membership Trial: 3.23%
  • Hats: 8.68%
  • Paid Spins: 4.03%

Can I Refuse a Mystery Gift from a Player?

No, you cannot refuse a Mystery Gift. However, consider the positive aspect: you are receiving a free, potentially awesome prize!

Governor of Poker 3 Mystery Gift - GoP3

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