Governor of Poker 3: Comprehensive Guide to Tickets

What is a Ticket?

In Governor of Poker 3, a Ticket is a valuable item that players can use to spin for a random prize. These prizes can include Chips, XP Doublers, and various Spins, which can significantly enhance your gameplay experience.

Types of Tickets

There are six types of Tickets available in the game:

  1. Bronze Ticket

  2. Silver Ticket

  3. Gold Ticket

  4. Diamond Ticket

  5. Ruby Ticket

  6. Sapphire Ticket

The Bronze, Silver, and Gold Tickets were introduced in version 4.5.6, while the Diamond and Ruby Tickets were added in version 5.1.0. The Sapphire Ticket is the latest addition, offering even more exciting rewards.

Where to Obtain Tickets

Players can earn Tickets through several in-game activities:

  • Team Challenge: Participate actively in team events to earn Tickets.

  • Daily Activities: Complete daily tasks and missions to receive Tickets.

  • Gift Calendar: Check the Gift Calendar (when active) for opportunities to earn Tickets.

Tickets are stored in your inventory under the same tab as your Tokens. To use a Ticket, simply select it and click on "Use item."

Free Tickets and Prizes

You can also earn FREE Tickets by spinning other Tickets. Each type of Ticket offers a chance to win additional Tickets and other valuable prizes. Check the overview of each Ticket type to see which free tickets and prizes you can potentially win.

A Fair Ticket Wheel

Governor of Poker 3 ensures fairness and randomness in its Ticket system through the use of a Random Number Generator (RNG). This RNG ensures that every spin results in a purely random outcome. The game offers a variety of normal, medium, and jackpot prizes on each ticket wheel.

It’s important to remember that not everyone will win the jackpot every time. Each prize has a specific weight, meaning the chances of winning a jackpot prize are lower compared to winning a more common prize. This prize selection process is part of the game’s RNG certification.

Transparency and Odds

Governor of Poker 3 values transparency and fairness. That’s why the game provides full insight into the odds of winning each prize on the Ticket Wheels. This transparency helps players understand their chances of winning different prizes and ensures a fair gaming experience.

Overview of Tickets

  1. Bronze Ticket

    • Potential Prizes: Up to 1 Million Chips, Super Spin, Silver Ticket, XP Doubler, Gold
    • Special Feature: Use 10 Bronze Tickets to get a FREE Silver Ticket.
  2. Silver Ticket

    • Potential Prizes: Up to 50 Million Chips, Mega Spin, Super Spin, Gold Ticket, XP Doubler, Gold
    • Special Feature: Use 10 Silver Tickets to get a FREE Gold Ticket.
  3. Gold Ticket

    • Potential Prizes: Up to 1 Billion Chips, Ultra Spin, Mega Spin, XP Doubler, Gold
    • Special Feature: Use 10 Gold Tickets to get a FREE Diamond Ticket.
  4. Diamond Ticket

    • Potential Prizes: High-value Chips, exclusive Spins, and premium items.
    • Special Feature: Provides access to high-stakes rewards and exclusive game features.
  5. Ruby Ticket

    • Potential Prizes: High-value Chips, exclusive Spins, premium items, and rare collectibles.
    • Special Feature: Offers a chance to win rare and highly sought-after items.
  6. Sapphire Ticket

    • Potential Prizes: The latest and most luxurious rewards, including exclusive Spins and premium in-game items.
    • Special Feature: The newest addition, offering top-tier rewards and enhancing gameplay experience.


Tickets in Governor of Poker 3 provide an exciting opportunity for players to win a wide range of valuable prizes. Understanding how to obtain and use these Tickets, as well as the odds of winning different prizes, can help players maximize their rewards and enhance their gaming experience. Whether you’re aiming for a Bronze Ticket or the prestigious Sapphire Ticket, each spin offers a thrilling chance to win big and elevate your gameplay.

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