Frozen Cabins Map - Path of Exile

Eleven new maps and challenging boss encounters have been added to the Atlas: Frozen Cabins Map, Forking River Map, Silo Map, Dry Sea Map, Stagnation Map, Forbidden Woods Map, Grave Trough Map, Cold River Map, Crimson Township Map, Bramble Valley Map, Foundry Map.

Frozen Cabins Map

Name Description Image
Location: Frozen Cabins Map Frozen Cabins Map
Map Tier: 2, 6, 10, 12, 15
Atlas Region: Lex Proxima
Atlas Linked: Crater Map[T2], Overgrown Ruin Map[T3], Glacier Map[T3]
Boss: Captain Clayborne, The Accursed
Vaal Area: Isolated Sound
Tag: cave, map, no_echo, einharmaps, snow_area

PoE Challenge

Defeat Captain Clayborne, the Accursed in Frozen Cabins Map without defeating any Drowned Crew.

Path Of Exile 3.13 - Frozen Cabins Map

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Captain Clayborne, the Accursed

Name Description
Level 69
Name Captain Clayborne, The Accursed
Experience 522202
Damage 911
Attack Time 2.25
Life 600829
Armour 7843
Evasion 4867
Energy Shield 0
Resists Fire 40
Resists Cold 40
Resists Lightning 40
Resists Chaos 25

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