FFXIV Gil Farming Guide 2024

Farming gil efficiently in Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) in 2024 requires a combination of gathering, crafting, combat, and market strategies. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you maximize your gil earnings:

Key Strategies for Gil Farming

  1. Gathering and Crafting

    • Gathering Classes: Level up your Botanist, Miner, and Fisher classes. Gather high-demand materials and sell them on the market board.
      • Timed Nodes: Farm timed nodes for rare materials.
      • Collectibles: Gather collectibles for turn-ins to earn scrips and rare items.
    • Crafting Classes: Level up your crafting classes and create high-demand items like gear, consumables, and housing items.
      • Master Recipes: Craft items from master recipes which are often in high demand.
      • Custom Deliveries: Complete custom deliveries for scrips and gil.
  2. Market Board Flipping

    • Buy Low, Sell High: Monitor the market board for underpriced items and resell them at higher prices.
    • Demand Prediction: Predict market trends based on upcoming patches and events.
    • Crafting Materials: Buy materials when prices are low and sell finished products for a profit.
  3. Dungeons and Raids

    • Treasure Maps: Farm treasure maps with a group. Maps can yield valuable items and gil.
    • Dungeon Roulettes: Complete daily and weekly roulettes for gil and valuable items.
    • Raids: Participate in current raids for rare drops and materials.
  4. Beast Tribe Quests

    • Daily Quests: Complete daily quests for beast tribes. They provide steady gil and valuable materials.
    • Reputation: Maximize your reputation with multiple beast tribes to unlock more lucrative quests.
  5. Hunts and FATEs

    • Elite Hunts: Participate in elite hunt trains for Allied Seals, which can be exchanged for valuable items.
    • FATE Grinding: Complete FATEs for gil, experience, and items.
  6. Ventures and Retainers

    • Retainer Ventures: Send your retainers on ventures to gather rare materials and items.
    • Market Board Sales: Have your retainers sell items on the market board.
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Efficient Methods and Tips

  1. Weekly and Daily Activities

    • Custom Deliveries: Prioritize custom deliveries for easy gil and scrips.
    • Wondrous Tails: Complete Wondrous Tails for valuable rewards.
    • Treasure Maps: Regularly do treasure maps for a chance at high-value loot.
  2. Gathering and Crafting Tips

    • Collectible Farming: Gather and craft collectibles for turn-ins to earn scrips and rare materials.
    • High-Demand Items: Focus on crafting and gathering items that are in high demand, such as raid food, potions, and glamour items.
    • Efficiency: Maximize your gathering efficiency with the right gear and rotations.
  3. Market Board Strategy

    • Price Monitoring: Regularly check prices and adjust your listings to stay competitive.
    • High-Traffic Times: List items during peak play times to increase chances of sales.
    • Undercutting: Be strategic about undercutting; avoid drastic undercuts that can destabilize prices.

Advanced Techniques

  1. Crafting and Gathering Scrips

    • Scrip Exchange: Use crafting and gathering scrips to purchase valuable items like crafting materials, which can be sold for a profit.
    • Weekly Turn-ins: Complete weekly scrip turn-ins for steady income.
  2. Housing Market

    • Furniture Crafting: Craft and sell popular housing items and furniture.
    • Apartment and FC Room Decor: Sell decoration items for personal and Free Company housing.
  3. Event Participation

    • Seasonal Events: Participate in seasonal events for unique items that can be sold for a high price.
    • Patch Content: Engage in new patch content early to farm new materials and items that are in high demand.

Additional Tips

  1. Inventory Management

    • Inventory Space: Keep your inventory and retainers’ inventories organized to maximize storage space for valuable items.
    • Stock Rotation: Regularly rotate your stock on the market board to keep items moving and prevent market saturation.
  2. Networking

    • Free Company: Join a Free Company that actively participates in treasure maps, raids, and crafting.
    • Social Networks: Use social networks and Discord groups to stay informed about hunt trains, market trends, and raid strategies.
  3. Continuous Learning

    • Patch Notes: Stay updated with patch notes to anticipate changes in item demand and new gil-making opportunities.
    • Community Guides: Follow community guides and discussions to refine your strategies.

By following these strategies and continuously adapting to the market and game updates, you can efficiently farm gil in FFXIV and enhance your gaming experience.

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