FIFA 23 Coins Farming Guide 2024

Farming coins in FIFA 23 efficiently involves utilizing a variety of in-game methods and strategies to maximize your earnings and improve your Ultimate Team. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you accumulate coins effectively in 2024:

Key Strategies for Coin Farming

  1. Playing Matches

    • Division Rivals and Squad Battles: Regularly participate in Division Rivals and Squad Battles. Aim for higher ranks to receive better weekly rewards, which include coins and valuable packs.
    • Weekend League (FUT Champions): Competing in the Weekend League can yield substantial rewards based on your performance.
    • Friendlies and Objectives: Complete friendlies and in-game objectives that offer coin rewards and packs.
  2. Trading on the Transfer Market

    • Buy Low, Sell High: Identify undervalued players, consumables, and other items. Buy them at a lower price and sell them for a profit.
    • Flipping: Focus on popular players whose prices fluctuate. Buy during low demand periods and sell during peak demand times.
    • Sniping: Quickly buy underpriced items listed by other players. This requires quick reflexes and a good understanding of current market prices.
  3. Completing Squad Building Challenges (SBCs)

    • Basic and Advanced SBCs: Complete these early to get valuable packs and coins.
    • Marquee Matchups: Weekly Marquee Matchups usually provide good rewards relative to their cost. Complete these to earn packs and coins.
    • League SBCs: Complete league-specific SBCs for packs that can be sold for coins.

Efficient Methods and Tips

  1. Bronze Pack Method

    • Opening Bronze Packs: Purchase 400-coin bronze packs and sell everything inside, including players, contracts, and consumables.
    • League SBCs: Hold onto bronze players from major leagues as they often rise in value due to SBC requirements.
  2. Investing in Players

    • Meta Players: Invest in popular and meta players whose prices are likely to increase over time.
    • In-Form Players: Buy in-form (TOTW) players when they are first released, and sell them after they go out of packs as their prices tend to rise.
    • Position and Chemistry Styles: Look for players with valuable position changes or chemistry styles applied, as these can sell for a premium.
  3. Completing Objectives and Milestones

    • Season Objectives: Regularly check and complete season objectives for packs, players, and coins.
    • Milestones: These long-term objectives provide substantial rewards. Prioritize milestones that align with your playstyle and squad.
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Advanced Trading Techniques

  1. Market Monitoring

    • Player Trends: Monitor the performance of popular players in real life as it can affect their in-game prices.
    • Content Drops: Be aware of EA’s content schedule. Prices often drop when new packs are released, presenting buying opportunities.
  2. Using Web and Companion Apps

    • 24/7 Trading: Use the web and companion apps to trade when you’re not at your console or PC. This allows you to take advantage of market fluctuations at all times.
    • Efficient Listing: List items for 1-hour durations to maximize visibility and potential sales.

Managing Your Club and Resources

  1. Squad Rotation

    • Fitness and Contracts: Keep an eye on player fitness and contracts. Use squad rotation to ensure your players are always in optimal condition without needing frequent consumable purchases.
    • Untradeable Items: Use untradeable items from rewards and SBCs to save coins and improve your squad.
  2. Pack Management

    • Pack Luck: Save packs for promotions like Team of the Year (TOTY) or Team of the Season (TOTS) when the chances of packing high-value players are higher.
    • Tradeable vs. Untradeable: Consider the tradeable status of packs. Tradeable packs allow you to sell any valuable items, whereas untradeable packs can be used in your squad or SBCs.

Additional Tips

  1. Patience and Discipline

    • Avoid Impulse Buys: Only buy players and items that you genuinely need or can sell for a profit.
    • Market Patience: Wait for the right time to buy and sell. Patience can significantly increase your profits.
  2. Community and Resources

    • Follow Traders: Join FIFA communities on social media and follow experienced traders for tips and market insights.
    • Utilize Resources: Use websites and apps that provide market data, SBC solutions, and trading tips.

By implementing these strategies and consistently participating in game activities, you can efficiently farm coins in FIFA 23 and build a competitive Ultimate Team.

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