Fera’s Test – Flyff Universe

Fera’s Test Quest

Description Hunt 60 Small Kern and 40 Kern located in Southern Darkon 3, then talk with Fera.
Begin NPC [Billposter Priest] Fera
End NPC [Billposter Priest] Fera
Location Darkon 3
Level: 95~120
Complete Quest: Enlightenment Shard
Hunt 60x Small Kern
Hunt 40x Kern
EXP: 23% for Lv. 95
Chain Quest Yes
Repeatable No
Removable Yes
Party Share Yes

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Begin Sury’s mind is currently clouded with doubt, as the Guardian had mentioned. In her current state, she will never reach enlightenment regardless of how hard she trains…
To help grant her thoughts a renewed sense of clarity, we must bring her a Shard of Enlightenment. First I must test your own personal strength. Do you accept?
Accept I knew you wouldn’t back away from this challenge. Please hunt 60 Small Kern and 40 Kern located in Southern Darkon 3.
Decline We must not falter in the face of adversity!
Complete I never doubted your skill for a second!
Fail Please go and hunt down the Kern as a test of your own strength.

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