Delirium Simulacrum Splinters PoE

Delirium Simulacrum Splinters Atlas Passive Skill

Count Name Description
1 Descent Into Madness
  • Delirium in your Maps increases 50% faster with distance from the mirror
1 The Singular Eternity
  • Delirium Fog in your Maps dissipates 25% slower
  • Delirium Fog in your Maps lasts 10 additional seconds before dissipating
3 Delirium Chance
  • Your Maps have +1% chance to contain a Mirror of Delirium
2 Delirium Fog Dissipation Speed
  • Delirium Fog in your Maps dissipates 5% slower
2 Delirium Simulacrum Splinters
  • 4% increased Stack size of Simulacrum Splinters found in your Maps

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