Estinien Wyrmblood FFXIV Endwalker

Endwalker Estinien Wyrmblood

Estinien Wyrmblood is a new trust ally who will be introduced from FFXIV Endwalker.

The formidable dragoon joins the ranks of the Scions, and can now be added to your Trust parties as you play through the main scenario.

Estinien is 32 years old as of Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward.

  • Affiliation: Ishgard
  • Occupation: Dragoon
Estinien Wyrmblood FFXIV Endwalker

Your Trusted NPC Biography

Everyone’s favorite dragoon, Estinien Wyrmblood, joins the roster of Trust NPCs!

Estinien Wyrmblood is the current Azure Dragoon, and mightiest hero of Ishgard. Bearer of the Eye of Nidhogg—an ancient relic plucked from the great wyrm, he wields the power of dragons. Long absent from his post, he has returned to Ishgard to drive back the ancient enemy of his people.

Ever since Nidhogg razed his village, murdering his parents and younger brother, Estinien devoted himself wholly to the pursuit of revenge. Orphaned at the age of twelve, he was raised by Alberic, the then-current Azure Dragoon. However, Estinien’s relationship with his foster father was complicated—while he respected him greatly as a soldier, he could not help but resent him for failing to protect his village.

Estinien Wyrmblood FFXIV

As of his thirty-second year, Estinien has no hobbies, and he concerns himself only with honing his skills (and occasionally eating anything passably delicious) that he might one day exact his retribution. It was with this single-minded dedication that he overcame every trial set before him and earned the title of Azure Dragoon.

As leader of the Knights Dragoon, he is expected to attend various social functions. However, he detests the trappings of high society and has refused on every occasion. For a time, he continued to receive formal invitations as a social courtesy, but that is no longer the case. His disregard for keeping up appearances is perhaps best exemplified by his wild, unkempt hair, which he is content to ignore.

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